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The People of P3R-636 honored the man who slew the ruling Goa'uld over 700 years ago by placing him on a throne. This Goa'uld served another Goa'uld and sent tribute to him through the Stargate in the form of naquadah which was mined by the slave labor of the populace. SG-1 was able to help the new queen determine if mining the naquadah was still necessary, and if so, to help them find new methods which would not kill the people. P3R-636 was visited by SG-1 in the episode, 2.05 "Need", and was one of only a few places where SG-1 had encountered a working sarcophagus which was not in the hands of the Goa'uld. Since the effects of using the sarcophagus are extremely detrimental (the king used it to prolong his life, but the negative effects eventually killed him), the device was destroyed.

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