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Princess Shyla


Shyla is the daughter of Pyrus the Godslayer, King of P3R-636. (2.05 "Need")

Character Biography

Princess Shyla was the lonely and beautiful daughter and heir of Pyrus the Godslayer from P3R 636. When Daniel Jackson saved her from a suicide attempt, he unwittingly set into motion a series of events which found the rest of SG-1 enslaved in a naquadah mine. Daniel himself was saved by Shyla after an escape attempt left him badly injured, when she placed him in a Goa'uld sarcophagus to heal him. Well aware of the detrimental effect of the Goa'uld technology on the human psyche, although she had never used it herself, she nevertheless encouraged Daniel to use the sarcophagus repeatedly, leaving him addicted and irrational. She hoped to persuade him to become her consort and rule with her once her father was dead.

When Daniel returned to P3R-636 after being cured of his addiction on Earth, he persuaded Shyla, who had since ascended the throne, of the danger of using the sarcophagus and at his prompting, she destroyed it. She vowed to rule justly, accepting advice and guidance from Earth.


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