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Pyrus, the God Slayer


Pyrus is the ruler of P3R-636, a planet once subjugated by the Goa'uld. (2.05 "Need")

Character Biography

Pyrus was the 700-year-old self styled King of P3R-636, a planet colonised for its naquadah deposits by the Goa'uld. His longevity was attributable to the sarcophagus he took from the Goa'uld oppressor of his planet whom he defeated to earn himself the title "the Godslayer". He continued to send naquadah through the Stargate in an effort to deceive the Goa'uld into thinking the planet was still under their control.

Although his daughter, Princess Shyla, insisted her father was a good man, Pyrus had become despotic and irrational by the time SG-1 visited, a side effect of continued exposure to the sarcophagus technology.

The health giving effects of the sarcophagus had become increasingly less beneficial to Pyrus, prompting Shyla to prepare herself to succeed her father's throne.

While Daniel Jackson was recovering on Earth from sarcophagus addiction, Pyrus's artificially extended rule ended when Shyla became queen on his death.


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