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The People of P3X-513 had once served the Goa'uld in the mines, but they were abandoned when the mines became unproductive. The planet also provided additional hardship to its inhabitants through deadly UV radiation. The Goa'uld left behind devices which would protect the people, but these devices were not operational at the time that SG-9 and SG-1 visited them. With the help of SG-1, the devices were discovered and the people were able to leave the shelter of the mines and live under the sky once more. SG-1 also saved these people from enslavement of Capt. Jonas Hanson of SG-9 after Hanson fell delusional due to several factors, one being over exposure to the deadly radiation. The People of P3X-513 were introduced in the episode, 1.06 "The First Commandment".

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