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Capt. Jonas Hanson


Captain Jonas Hanson was the commanding officer of SG-9 and the former fiancé of Captain Samantha Carter. He was introduced in the episode, 1.06 "The First Commandment".

Character Biography

Captain Jonas Hanson carried a Holy Bible with him on his missions, searching the scriptures for God. After leading his team, SG-9, to P3X-513 and exposing himself to the harmful UV rays of the planet while on a rescue mission to find a lost child, Hanson became delusional, thinking himself to be God. He drove the people of the planet from their cave homes (which they lived in to avoid the harmful UV rays) and forced them to build a temple in his honor. He felt that he was helping the people develop, but actually he was killing them. Teal'c identified two devices left by the Goa'uld which would block out the harmful UV radiation, but Hanson wanted to be the one to turn them on so that he could prove that he was the people's god. When SG-1 tried to interfere, he attempted to sacrifice Jack in the wormhole of the stargate, knowing that Jack would die because the iris was still closed. The people were convinced that he was not their god by Daniel, and they threw Hanson into the wormhole instead.

During Hanson's delusion, SG-9 member Baker joined him as his right-hand man and was killed in the uprising, but Connor and Frakes eventually opposed the deception. Hanson knew that Connor and Frakes were heading toward the stargate to report him, so he tracked them down and killed Frakes with his sidearm, but Connor was able to escape and send his signal through to the SGC. After the uprising, only Connor remained of SG-9.

Jonas Hanson and Samantha Carter had once been engaged to be married, but she returned the ring because of his "control issues". He had experience in black ops, as well, and Carter was not surprised by his behavior, knowing that he was somewhat on the "lunatic fringe", but "charming".


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