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Jamala of P3X-513


Jamala was one of the natives of the planet designated P3X-513 and was introduced in the episode, 1.06 "The First Commandment".

Character Biography

The first team to be assigned to visit this planet was SG-9, under the leadership of Capt. Jonas Hanson. Hanson decided to pose as the people's god in order to help them develop beyond living in the caves (abandoned mines). After Hanson began to believe his own deception, he started to work the people to death by having them build a temple in his honor during the daytime when the harmful UV radiation of the planet was at its peak. SG-1 was sent to determine what happened with SG-9 and they recruited Jamala to help them stop Hanson.

Jamala was very friendly to SG-1 and showed that his people had intelligence, unlike how they were being treated by Hanson. Jamala helped SG-1 find the technology left behind by the Goa'uld that would protect the people from the harmful UV radiation and when it came time to confront Hanson, Jamala fired Teal'c's staff weapon with great accuracy. He, along with Daniel, spoke to his people about Hanson's humanity (not divinity) and when threatened, he fired the staff weapon and killed Lt. Baker, one of the members of SG-9 who had joined Hanson in his delusion of being these people's god and savior.

Jamala saw SG-1 and Connor of SG-9 off as they returned to Earth through the stargate. His confidence seemed to have been built by SG-1's trust in him, and it is possible that he might have become his people's newest leader, since he was instrumental in helping them live under the sky once again.


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