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Dr. Francine Michaels


Dr. Francine Michaels was one of the scientists stationed in Antarctica to study the area where the second stargate was discovered. She was introduced in the episode, 6.04 "Frozen".

Character Biography

Dr. Francine Michaels was a medical research doctor and she was excited about a find she and her associates, Dr. Woods and Dr. Osbourne, had discovered in the ice near where the second stargate had been found (1.18 "Solitudes"): a perfectly-preserved female human.

SG-1 and Dr. Janet Fraiser went to Antarctica to assist in the research. Dr. Michaels introduced the team to the frozen woman whom she had named Ayiana, a Cherokee name which means eternal bloom. During Dr. Fraiser's examination of Ayiana, they detected life signs from the woman and then proceeded to revive her. Against all belief, Ayiana was alive once more.

Ayiana was presumed to be a member of the human race called the Ancients, the builders of the stargates, because of the amount of ice in which she was discovered. In order to get additional readings, Dr. Woods and Dr. Osbourne went out in the cold weather to retrieve additional samples. Dr. Osbourne returned, but Dr. Woods was lost because of a storm. Jack and Teal'c found him and brought him back and everyone was amazed when Ayiana was able to heal Dr. Woods of his frostbite and hypothermia. Ayiana was able to heal simply with the touch of her hands, but the technique drained much of her energy.

As contact with Ayiana continued, the researchers started to fall ill. Dr. Michaels was the first to show signs of the illness, collapsing while in the room with Ayiana. Ayiana healed Dr. Michaels and each person who fell ill afterwards, however, Ayiana died before she could heal Jack.

Ayiana carried the plague which had wiped out many of the Ancients. Dr. Michaels had been the first modern human to have the disease and to be cured of it.


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