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A frozen female alien that might predate human evolution by 50 million years is discovered in Antarctica. She might, in fact, be part of the race that invented the Stargate. After SG-1 manages to thaw her back to life, they discover she may be the source of a deadly virus.

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While studying the Stargate unearthed in Antarctica four years ago and, subsequently, two dead Jaffa frozen for over 2,000 years in the ice, Major Carter makes an amazing discovery. Over the videolink, she tells Antarctic team biologist Dr. Francine Michaels that she may now have definitive proof that the Antarctic 'Gate may be one of the oldest in the system—maybe five to seven million years old, predating the continental shift on this planet…and the existence of humanity!

Dr. Michaels' fellow researchers, Dr. Wood and Dr. Osbourne, come in from the freezing cold announcing they've come up with something. The news is big enough to get Carter, Colonel O'Neill, Teal'c, Jonas Quinn and Dr. Janet Fraiser on a plane and onto the site, stat.

In the quarantine lab is a block of ice containing what appears to be a woman in her thirties. Dr. Michaels had named her Ayiana, which in Cherokee means Eternal Bloom. After she's thawed out, Ayiana's tissue cells are found to be perfectly intact.

When Dr. Fraiser shines her light into Ayiana's eye, the pupil contracts. They hook her up to an EEG and get delta waves and a weak heartbeat. Dr. Fraiser is just about to fibrillate when Ayiana's heartbeat rises to normal. She is conscious.

According to the age of the ice in which she was frozen, Ayiana is several million years old—just as Carter estimated the Antarctic Stargate to be. Teal'c notes that she could be neither Goa'uld nor Jaffa because those races began using an Earth Stargate only thousands of years ago. That means she could be one of the Ancients—the race that invented the Stargate—and that humans might have evolved from them!

Dr. Michaels falls to the floor, an unknown virus ravaging her immune system. In hours, she'll be dead. The contagion begins spreading to everyone on the base. It is surmised that the virus came from Ayiana.

Meanwhile, Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c have rescued Dr. Woods, who'd gotten lost in a raging snowstorm. Woods is in deep hypothermia and near death. Ayiana puts her hands on him and he is cured in moments. It weakens her to do this, yet she readily cures Dr. Michaels as well as everyone else infected by the virus—but then collapses before she can cure Colonel O'Neill. He and Ayiana are transported back to Stargate Command, where Ayiana dies.

O'Neill seems doomed when Thoran, one of SGC's closest Tok'ra allies, offers a solution: There is a Tok'ra symbiote in need of a host. The symbiote can heal Col. O'Neill.

"Over my dead body," he whispers to Carter when she proposes the idea. But he finally agrees when she explains that no Tok'ra symbiote would stay long in an unwilling host.

O'Neill's fate now lies in the hands of the Tok'ra as he is taken to their world through the Stargate.


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