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Col. Frank Cromwell


Col. Frank Cromwell, Air Force Special Forces, served with Jack O'Neill during an "unofficial" mission to Iraq. Cromwell was the leader of the team which left Jack behind and Jack subsequently was captured and retained in an Iraqi prison for four months. He insisted that he thought that Jack was dead, but Jack never forgave him. Cromwell led the Special Forces team sent from the Pentagon when contact had been lost with the SGC after they connected the stargate to a planet being pulled apart by a black hole (P3W-451). He volunteered to stay with Jack to set the self-destruct and after Carter figured out how to disengage the wormhole with a carefully-placed bomb, Cromwell volunteered to help Jack place the bomb close to the stargate. Cromwell's tether was cut when the control room's glass window broke and he was pulled into the gravitational force of the wormhole to his death. (2.15 "A Matter Of Time")


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