Great Spirits

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Totem from 2.13 "Spirits"



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  • Salish Indians of PXY-887 - The Salish Indians who were brought to their planet as slaves to the Goa'uld are the only group of people that the Spirits have befriended. After the Spirits successfully drove off the Goa'uld, they used their shape-shifting abilities to take on the identities of the Salish's Great Spirits. They developed a protective relationship to the Salish and saw to their safety and needs. After contact with the SGC, their true identities as aliens were revealed, but the Salish accepted them however they wished to present themselves as a recognition of the trust the Salish had for them.


  • Goa'uld - The Goa'uld brought the Salish humans to the Spirits' planet as slaves and the Spirits overcame them and set the Salish free.
  • Tau'ri - Even though the Salish came from Earth, the Spirits considered the people of Earth, the Tau'ri, as enemies because of the NID's desires to mine the trinium on their planet in secret. Even though Jack and the rest of the people at the SGC tried to persuade them that not all people on Earth were the same, Jack recognized that the NID would never stop trying to mine the trinium. Because of this, the Spirits buried their stargate.



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