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Lt. Col. Harlan Beck


Lt. Col. Beck knew Col. Jack O'Neill during the Gulf War.

Character Biography

Harlan "Harley" Beck flew an AC-130 gunship over Baghdad during Desert Storm. He was involved in Operation Proven Force out of Incerlik. Jack O'Neill ran some undefined operation with his special ops team and operated with Beck. The two were battlefield comrades.

Lt. Col. Beck was later stationed at the Tenth Air Base Wing at the Air Force Academy.

After Jack O'Neill had been cloned by the Asgard Loki, the teenage clone ran into Harlan Beck outside a liquor store. The clone was surprised and pleased to see Harlan, at first not realizing his young appearance would mean Beck could not recognize him. He covered his tracks by explaining Jack O'Neill was his uncle and had described Harley as a "stand up guy." Beck was cordial to O'Neill's nephew, giving him a message to tell Jack to "watch his six." The clone then tried to get Beck to purchase beer for him at the liquor store, which Harlan laughingly refused.

Something about the clone's antics led Beck to suspect something, and he called the SGC, eventually reaching General Hammond. Beck's information helped the other members of SG-1 track down the clone.


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