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A young boy turns up at the SGC claiming to be Jack O'Neill, fully expecting his amused teammates to do something about him waking up thirty years younger. Young Jack is soon discovered to be a clone while the real O'Neill has been abducted by a rogue Asgard. Young Jack is dying and desperate enough to launch a last-ditch attempt to trap the Asgard, Loki.

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A 15-year-old boy claiming to be Colonel Jack O'Neill uses the colonel's security I.D. to enter Stargate Command, where he's taken into custody. It seems incredible, yet the boy has all of O'Neill's knowledge and his smart-ass attitude. Dr. Fraiser runs a DNA test and, aside from a minuscule variation, the DNA of the boy is an exact match for O'Neill's.

In an attempt to discover how O'Neill has apparently regressed 30 years overnight, the teenager, Major Carter, Daniel Jackson and Teal'c go to O'Neill house, where the teen has a flashback of an Asgard visitation during which he saw four green lights. To O'Neill's chagrin, General Hammond decides to have Carter rather than O'Neill conduct a briefing with the test pilots scheduled to fly the F-302 space jet.

Dr. Fraiser informs later and SG-1 that the genetics team she called in has discovered that O'Neill's genetic structure is breaking down…he is dying. Jacob Carter—Major Carter's father, whose body symbiotically hosts the Tok'ra Selmak—arrives and offers a temporary solution: The Tok'ra can freeze O'Neill until they can better understand his condition. O'Neill says he'll think about it, but escapes from SGC instead.

Meanwhile, Selmak looks at O'Neill's test results and says the boy is not O'Neill, but a clone. Carter, Daniel and Teal'c, who have been researching alien-abduction cases similar to O'Neill's, surmise that whichever of the Asgard was responsible for the abductions replaced the test subjects with clones until he was finished studying them, and then switched them back. O'Neill's regression was a mistake of which the Asgard researcher was unaware. SG-1 plans to intercept the next switch in order to apprehend him.

When SG-1 catches up with the clone O'Neill, he's not thrilled with the plan; he'd rather find the Asgard researcher himself and force him to correct the genetic mistake. Convincing General Hammond to give him a zat, the teen O'Neill waits in bed at home for the switch to occur at the time SG-1 has figured.

When the duplicate O'Neill is zapped up to the Asgard ship, the original O'Neill is returned to his bed without a clue of what happened. On the ship, the duplicate zats his Asgard abductor, straps him down to his own examination table and then, following Carter's instructions, beams SG-1 onto the ship. The original O'Neill is brought up to speed and interrogates the Asgard researcher—who confesses that he is Loki, a renegade who was convicted 19 years ago of performing unsanctioned experiments on humans in an attempt to create the perfect clone body for the Asgard. Their very existence depends on their ability to clone their bodies and transfer their consciousness from one to the next. He has risked punishment again because O'Neill, who is legendary in Asgard circles for his advanced human genetics, could be the key he's been searching for. Loki also informs the duplicate that he cannot help him.

Carter contacts SG-1 ally Thor, who arrives just as the duplicate O'Neill begins to become ill. Thor admonishes Loki, who should have known that O'Neill's genetic code is protected by a marker in his DNA, which is why the duplicate is defective, and says O'Neill is not the missing link the Asgard are looking for. Graciously, Thor corrects the teen O'Neill's DNA so that the clone can live.

The duplicate O'Neill is provided for by the Air Force and decides to go back to high school, where he can show up his teachers and score with girls knowing what he knows now.


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