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Henry Wallace, late president of Devlin Medical Technologies


Devlin Medical Technologies is the research and development corporation that was awarded the contract by the U.S. Government to manufacture the Stargate Program's subcutaneous transponders that are used in conjunction with the Asgard Beaming Technology present on Earth's spaceships, namely the Daedalus-Class Ships. They were also working on the medical applications of nanotechnology derived from the Pegasus Replicators.

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Henry Wallace, a widower with a young adult daughter named Sharon, was the president of Devlin Medical Technologies (DMT).

One of the first successful pieces of technology developed by DMT for the Stargate Program was the subcutaneous transponders that were first implanted in the members of SG-1 during their ninth year of operation. These transponders were used in conjunction with the Asgard beaming technology onboard the Daedalus-Class spaceships, but DMT wasn't given information about all of the uses for the technology. Wallace, however, grew suspicious of the great leaps in technological advances of the U.S. Military whenever his company was awarded a contract, so he conducted his own investigation and learned about the Stargate Program, the SGC, and Atlantis, and of the alien technologies that influenced these great advances. (9.16 "Off the Grid"; SGA 4.09 "Miller's Crossing")

One of DMT's latest contracts dealt with the development of nanotechnology to cure injury and disease. Dr. Rodney McKay was the originator of the prototype of this nanotechnology, which was based on the nanites injected into Dr. Elizabeth Weir by the Pegasus Replicators. These nanites were originally harmful, but McKay managed to render them inert and reprogram them to be independent of the Replicator network. He reactivated them with a new program to save Weir's life when she sustained a massive head injury during an attack on Atlantis. The nanites replicated and replaced damaged tissue, making Weir part Replicator. It was McKay's intention to reprogram the nanites to heal rather than replace tissue, but Weir was captured by the Replicators before he could reprogram them. McKay and other scientists in Atlantis continued to work on the programming, but ran into some difficulties, so McKay contacted his sister Jeanie McKay Miller so that she could offer suggestions. (SGA 3.06 "The Real World", SGA 4.01 "Adrift Part 2", SGA 4.02 "Lifeline Part 3", SGA 4.09 "Miller's Crossing")

At about the same time, Wallace's engineering team claimed they had perfected the nanotechnology's design and programming, so Wallace injected them into his daughter who was dying of acute lymphocytic leukemia. These nanites were manufactured to heal rather than replicate and were also designed to be immune to EMP fluctuations. Wallace was confident that the nanites would cure her, but the technology failed, so he arranged for the kidnapping of Miller and McKay to fix the programming errors. In order to make sure McKay cooperated, Wallace injected Miller with the malfunctioning nanites so that they would both be motivated to fix the programming problem in enough time to save Sharon. Eventually, Miller and McKay made changes that cured Sharon of the cancer, but the nanites continued trying to fix every physical defect and eventually killed Sharon when they ran out of power while working on her arteries. Knowing that Jeanie would most likely meet the same fate as the tiny machines attempted to cure her epilepsy and any other defect that they might encounter, McKay enlisted the help of a Wraith who understood the nanite programming because it was taken from the base code of the Pegasus Replicators, something on which this Wraith was an expert as he was attempting to shut down the Replicators from destroying the Wraith as they had originally been programmed by the Ancients to do 10,000 years ago. This particular Wraith had been held on Atlantis for several weeks without feeding on a human, so his work to stop the nanites in Miller was slowed down by his burning hunger. Wallace offered his life so that the Wraith could save Jeanie, and the Wraith completed his programming to render the nanites inert. (SGA 4.09 "Miller's Crossing")

The nanotechnology built by DMT was eventually successful at curing cancer, but there were enough drawbacks that its application in the real world is most likely not imminently forthcoming.


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