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SG-1 investigates a planet whose main crop is the highly addictive kassa. Mitchell's impersonation of a drug dealer fails to impress the Lucian Alliance. The irate criminals pursue SG-1 to the Stargate, only to see it disappear before their eyes. They take the trapped team prisoner, blaming them for the loss of the gate. Can SG-1 hold out against torture until the new '304 Odyssey arrives?

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While investigating an addictive substance called kassa that's being sold around the galaxy, SG-1 visits P6G-452, an agrarian planet where poor farmers grow the corn-like crop. There, Mitchell arranges a meeting with Worrel, an unscrupulous kassa supplier for the shady Lucian Alliance. As Daniel, Carter, and Teal'c look on from hiding, Mitchell tries to pose as an interested buyer, but Worrel's not buying his story. Moments later, SG-1 is racing to the Stargate, pursued by Worrel's gang of thugs.

As they reach the 'gate, it suddenly vanishes, apparently beamed away. SG-1 would love to find out who stole their only escape route, but they can't, because Worrel wastes no time taking them prisoner. He's proud to have captured the famous SG-1. Unfortunately, he also believes they're responsible for the Stargate's disappearance, so he sets out to torture them into returning it. When they point out the obvious fact that his theory makes no sense, he only becomes more brutal.

Meanwhile, after discovering that P6G-452's Stargate is inactive, Gen. Landry dispatches Earth's newest interstellar battleship, the Odyssey, to investigate SG-1's disappearance. Soon afterwards, he learns that at least four Stargates have been stolen throughout the galaxy. Already suspecting the mastermind behind this audacious crime, Landry travels to Area 51 to question Nerus, the gluttonous Goa'uld prisoner who once worked for the system lord Ba'al.

Just as Worrel orders his men to kill SG-1, the Odyssey beams the team to safety. Although they're exhausted, the ship's commander, Col. Emerson, briefs them on the urgent problem of the Stargate thefts. Back on Earth, Nerus confirms Landry's theory that Ba'al is responsible for the crime, probably in an attempt to build himself a secret empire complete with his own private 'gate system. In exchange for this intelligence, Landry gives Nerus his freedom — after secretly tagging him with a tracking device.

Nerus scurries back to Ba'al's mothership, unknowingly guiding the Odyssey right to its target. SG-1 beams aboard the ship to retrieve the missing Stargates, but, as Ba'al's Jaffa close in, the team discovers that Ba'al has stolen more than a dozen 'gates — far more than they had expected. And that's when three Lucian Alliance ships arrive, having also tracked down the true Stargate thief. The Odyssey and SG-1 are about to be caught in the middle of a shoot-out.


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