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Jeanie McKay Miller and Dr. Rodney McKay are kidnapped by businessman Henry Wallace on Earth. Wallace wants the McKays to fix the nanites he implanted in his daughter to cure her cancer — they are malfunctioning. Wallace injects nanintes into Jeanie to make his point, and Rodney must rely on Todd and his team to save her.

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When armed goons kidnap Jeanie Miller, Rodney McKay's sister, from her home in Vancouver, McKay, Sheppard and Ronon race to Earth to search for her. McKay quickly discovers that Jeanie's computer has been hacked. He traces the source of the intrusion to an office building and hurries there without waiting for Sheppard and Ronon to back him up. But the clue is a trap. Armed men ambush and abduct him, too.

McKay is transported to a mysterious laboratory where Jeanie is waiting. Their captor, Henry Wallace, is the president of Devlin Medical Technologies, a government contractor for the Stargate program that has been building prototype medical nanites based on Replicator technology. Sadly, Wallace's daughter, Sharon, is dying of cancer. He has foolishly risked injecting her with nanites, but the incomplete, untested micro-machines have only made her worse. Wallace knows that Jeanie and McKay have been collaborating via e-mail to write code for Replicator nanites, and he demands that they find a way to save his daughter.

McKay doesn't trust Wallace and persuades Jeanie to escape, but the two are recaptured. To force them to help, Wallace injects Jeanie with nanites, meaning that she will weaken like Sharon unless she and McKay find a cure. Under this coercion, McKay and Jeanie take bold steps to unleash the full power of the nanites.

Sharon briefly improves, then dies — and then comes back to life in a strange, mindless state. Her father is horrified. McKay and Jeanie realize that the nanites possess too much initiative: after curing the cancer, the machines shut down her body to repair other defects they discovered. In the process, they erased her personality. The same thing will soon happen to Jeanie, who has epilepsy. After the nanites shut down her brain for repairs, she'll never be the same again.

Having been searching for McKay and Jeanie all this time, Sheppard finally identifies Wallace as the culprit. He and Ronon assault the building and free the siblings. Back at Stargate Command, McKay puts Jeanie into an induced coma and breaks her legs to distract the nanites for a few hours. He must write a code to shut the nanites down, but the task is too great for him to accomplish on his own.

At his request, the Wraith prisoner from Atlantis — an expert on Replicator code — is transported to Earth to help him. The Wraith agrees to assist because this project might someday lead to the Replicators' destruction, but he is weak. He hasn't fed on a human in days. Soon, he collapses. Unless someone is sacrificed to his terrible hunger, Jeanie will die.


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Production Notes

  • "...I'm revealing the working title for episode nine: Miller's Crossing. I like it. We’ll see if it sticks." [Miller is the married name of Rodney McKay's sister, Jeanie, played by David Hewlett's real-life sister, Kate Hewlett.] (Joseph Mallozzi's April 3 blog)
  • "Reunion, Missing, and Miller's Crossing offer varying degrees of darkness." (Joseph Mallozzi's April 3 blog)
  • "Martin’s top secret script, Miller’s Crossing, offers a glimpse at a much more sympathetic, vulnerable McKay." (Joseph Mallozzi's April 12 blog)
  • "As for which episodes fans should be looking forward to most for each member of the team - it‘s tough to say only because my opinion could be very different from fan opinion especially when you start factoring in the different fan factions. But, in my opinnion, I’d say: [...] Miller’s Crossing for McKay [...]" (Joseph Mallozzi's April 15 blog)
  • "The director’s cut of Miller’s Crossing came in a little long which will probably mean a scene or two not making the cut - but hopefully finding their way onto a future Deleted Footage Special Feature. By the way, guest star Steven Culp is terrific in this one." (Joseph Mallozzi's August 2 blog)
  • Joseph Mallozzi identified this episode in conjunction with the fan comment: "Speaking of which, I second the wish someone had yesterday for some good McShep — er, McKay/Sheppard friendship moments, of the not-nearly-so-snarky, plenty-angsty variety." (Joseph Mallozzi's August 3 blog)
  • "Actually three great mixes of late: ...Miller’s Crossing (With that incredibly angsty McKay-Sheppard scene.)" (Joseph Mallozzi's October 31 blog)

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