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Jacek, Vala's Father


Jacek is the father of SG-1 team member Vala Mal Doran. He lives at large as a con-artist. (10.18 "Family Ties")

Character Biography

When Vala was a little girl, her father would go on his adventures without her. Along with his great adventure stories, he'd always bring back a necklace or some other trinket for his little girl, and she'd place each item into a box. These trinkets were her tangible connection to her father. Jacek wasn't able to keep up with Vala's childhood, but he noted when she had a crush on a boy when she was ten years old. (10.18 "Family Ties")

Unfortunately, Jacek's con-artist ways caught up with him when he tried to get more out of a deal than originally bargained for and ended up running for his life. His family ended up running along with him. Eventually, Vala and her mother separated from him. (10.18 "Family Ties")

Jacek married multiple times thereafter. One of his wives was named Adria. Vala knew Adria and considered her a "witch of a woman". (10.01 "Flesh and Blood", 10.18 "Family Ties")

Apparently, after his separation from Vala and her mother, Jacek never knew that Vala had been taken as the host to the Goa'uld Qetesh and freed from her by the Tok'ra, nor did he know that she had become the unwilling mother of the Ori's Orici, whom she named Adria after her stepmother whom she dispised. In Vala's eyes, her daughter Adria was also evil-incarnate. (10.01 "Flesh and Blood", 10.18 "Family Ties")

During the Ori's crusade in the Milky Way, Jacek made contact with a group of Ori-worshipping Jaffa known as the Illac Renin. He found out that the Jaffa were planning to detonate a large amount of weapons grade naquadah carried to Earth in cargo ships. Apparently knowing that Vala had become part of SG-1 on Earth, Jacek made contact, offering to trade information about the location of the naquadah stockpile for a new life on Earth. (10.18 "Family Ties")

Vala didn't want to have anything to do with Jacek, but her Earth friends were prepared to give Jacek what he requested if the intel he had was legitimate. Stargate Command sent the Odyssey to the planet, and sure enough, the cargo ships were there. The Odyssey destroyed them when they tried to take off. The resulting explosions convinced them that the naquadah stockpile was indeed where Jacek had said it would be. (10.18 "Family Ties")

Stargate Command gave Jacek a new life on Earth, just as they promised, but Jacek wasn't able to become a model citizen. The con-artist ways never seemed to have left him as he conjured up one get-rich scheme after another, much to Vala's disappointment. (10.18 "Family Ties")

Jacek was required to wear an ankle bracelet that had a tracking device, but he managed to free himself from it and continue in his schemes with the Jaffa of the Illac Renin, who wanted him to sell their one last cargo ship full of naquadah and split the profits. Vala and Daniel followed Jacek when he was meeting with his Jaffa contact by tracking the signal of his subcutaneous transmitter (he didn't know that he got the transmitter injected into him when he was checked out at the SGC). Unfortunately, the Jaffa tried to kill Daniel and Vala with a zat, and Daniel fired back with his handgun, killing him. They took Jacek back into custody.(10.18 "Family Ties")

Jacek tried one more scam: he claimed that the cargo ship was booby-trapped and that he knew the passcode to turn it off. But Vala was one step ahead of him, perhaps learning much of her own con-artist and thieving ways from her father, and her team set him up so that he'd reveal the location of the cloaked cargo ship. Jacek was tricked into taking off in Stargate Command's decoy cargo ship, packed full of lead bars and packing peanuts. Stargate Command ended up with the Jaffa's cargo ship and the naquadah. (10.18 "Family Ties")

Realizing that he had been conned, Jacek tried to sell the cargo ship's contents anyway. He tried to persuade his customer that the real cargo was the packing peanuts, which he called "Jibbaran virility enhancers". (10.18 "Family Ties")

Jacek's parting words to Vala had been an apology about lying about the code, well wishes, and "Daddy loves you." Vala, although greatly hurt by her father's actions, secretly held on to her box of trinkets. (10.18 "Family Ties")


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