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Sr. Airman Jake Bosworth


Sr. Airman Jake Bosworth was a member of SG-13 (7.17 "Heroes Part 1" and 7.18 "Heroes Part 2") and later became a member of SG-3 (8.12 "Prometheus Unbound").

Character Biography

Bosworth and his teammate, Sr. Airman Simon Wells, were patrolling the perimeter on the planet P3X-666 after they encountered one of Anubis' flying probes in the Ancient ruins which were being studied by their team archaeologist, Dr. Cameron Balinsky. After eliminating the probe, SG-13 stayed on the planet because the ruins might have had information about the Lost City of the Ancients. During their patrol, Wells was shot in the back from a Jaffa's staff weapon. Bosworth stayed with him and provided cover fire until medical assistance and military backup arrived. Wells was successfully extracted, but Dr. Fraiser was killed during the battle. (7.17 "Heroes Part 1", 7.18 "Heroes Part 2")

Members of Col. Dave Dixon's SG-13 were reassigned to other SG teams after this battle. Bosworth became a member of SG-3 and was on the team when a rescue mission to the Pegasus Galaxy was launched with the Prometheus under the command of Lt. Gen. George Hammond. Bosworth served under Col. Reynolds and accompanied his team when they were instructed to board a crippled al'kesh which had been the source of a distress call. The distress call came from the space thief Vala Mal Doran, and the team found themselves, along with the rest of the crew who had been captured, stranded on the al'kesh as Vala made her get-away with the Prometheus. Bosworth used his technical expertise in getting the ring transporter on the al'kesh back to full operational capabilities. After helping Hammond recover the Prometheus, SG-3 was assigned to fly the al'kesh home, but Vala had engineered her escape plan while on the Prometheus and successfully retook the al'kesh, depositing an unconscious SG-3 back to the Prometheus before making her escape into hyperspace. The rescue mission had to be called off because the Prometheus suffered hull damage while in Vala's hands. (8.12 "Prometheus Unbound")

NOTE: Bosworth is seen in an alternate timeline of the SGC after a future version of SG-1 used an Ancient timeship to travel to 3000 B.C. to pick up a very rare Ancient power source, a ZPM, in Ra's storehouse in Ancient Egypt. SG-1 was caught by Ra's Jaffa and the timeline was changed because of it. As a result, the Stargate Program didn't exist until the discovery of a recording left by the time traveling team told of its existence. Bosworth was assigned to serve under Maj. Charles Kawalsky to embark on the Program's first Stargate mission to the planet Chulak to determine if they could find Apophis' First Prime Teal'c and turn him into the rebel which he had become in the "original" timeline. Bosworth was killed on Chulak when the team came under fire in their effort to escape from Apophis' prison. (8.20 "Moebius Part 2")


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