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A documentary crew arrives to film the SGC for posterity. Hammond cooperates only reluctantly and prevents the crew from filming ongoing operations. Instead they conduct rather awkward interviews with SG-1 and other SGC personnel. Meanwhile, SG-13 runs into trouble on a survey mission, and one of their men is injured, causing the SGC to mobilize a rescue.

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On the occasion of the 1000th trip through the Stargate, and in preparation of the Stargate program someday going public, the president authorizes documentary filmmaker Emmett Bregman to chronicle Stargate Command. General Hammond is less than enthusiastic but has agreed to follow the president's orders to the letter—which means cooperating only as far as he has to. Bregman's camera crew consists of two handpicked Air Force personnel, Tech Sergeant Dale James and Airman First Class Shep Wickenhouse—a concession in light of what happened during the "Prometheus" incident, the last time a film crew was allowed on the site. Accompanying them is Colonel Tom Rundell, the Cheyenne Mountain Complex public-affairs liaison.

Emmett tries to get Dr. Daniel Jackson to talk about what it felt like to ascend, but Daniel doesn't remember. A remarkably snotty Colonel O'Neill tells Emmett to send him a memo. From Teal'c he learns…nothing. But Dr. Lee and Sgt. Siler do offer Bregman a James Bondian "Q moment" with a prototype protective vest, and Major Carter bubbles over with technobabble about how the Stargates' DHDs might be a purer source of power than anything currently on Earth. Emmett is more interested in getting a shot of the 'Gate spinning, but he and his crew are prohibited from getting involved in any ongoing activity, so when the off-world activation alerts sound, the 'Gate room is off-limits to him. Later, Bregman does get some material from the visiting Senator Kinsey—who's now a presidential candidate's running mate—but the only person he's really able to get close to is Dr. Fraiser, with whom he seems a bit smitten.

Meanwhile, on planet P3X-666, the SG-13 survey team led by Colonel Dave Dixon discovers the remains of a city built by the Ancients—a momentous find. Balinsky, the team archaeologist, proudly says, "Dr. Jackson is gonna die when he sees this!" Answers Dixon, "What, again?" But a few minutes later, an airborne robotic probe appears and fires upon them. The survey team manages to destroy it, and sends the remains back for analysis. General Hammond sends SG-3 to the planet as backup.

Teal'c and Carter surmise that the device is the Goa'uld version of a MALP, sent ahead to scan the area. Daniel translates the probe's data, which is in Goa'uld, and discovers that the probe sent a communication before it was destroyed. Before the offworld teams can evacuate, however, they are fired upon by Jaffa arriving in ships. SG-1 is dispatched to the planet, although it looks like an ambush. Needless to say, Bregman is not invited along.

To be continued…


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