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Alternate Character: Rogue NID Agent Reynolds from 6.11 "Prometheus"

Col. Reynolds of SG-3


Col. Reynolds is the current commander of SG-3. He started out as a Major when he was introduced to SG-1 as a member of the NID at Area 51 (2.14 "Touchstone").

Character Biography

Season Two through Season Six

Reynolds, at the rank of Air Force Major, was assigned to the NID at Area 51 when SG-1 met him. He was extremely enthusiastic and cheerful when he met SG-1 for the first time. SG-1 came under the pretense of delivering important papers to the facility, called Nellis or The Groom Lake Facility, but were really in search of a piece of stolen alien technology called the Touchstone. This device controlled the weather on the planet Madrona, a place terraformed by an advanced alien race for the Madronans. Major Reynolds greeted SG-1 and gave them a tour of the facility, all the while showing his knowledge of SG-1's mission history. He must have read every report coming into Nellis about SG-1 and the technology they brought back. He showed them the various labs as they made their way into the building hoping to meet up with Col. Harry Maybourne who had just been reassigned there. Nellis had research labs for medical, geological, and space metallurgy and artifact studies. SG-1 also saw the two death gliders they had used to escape Apophis' mothership when it was about to attack Earth (2.01 "The Serpent's Lair Part 2"). Reynolds also said that they were reviewing Daniel's notes which he brought back from "Heliopolis" on Ernest Littlefield's planet (1.11 "The Torment of Tantalus"). SG-1 had a big fan, apparently, in Major Reynolds.

SG-1 was successful in locating the stolen Touchstone. As it turns out, the Stargate discovered in the Antarctic (1.18 "Solitudes") had been stolen by a covert group and was being used to steal alien technology. After the Antarctic Stargate was returned to Area 51, General Hammond ordered a permanent iris be welded onto it. Major Reynolds was one of the officers who witnessed the sealing of this device which then went under guard by SGC personnel under Hammond's command. (2.14 "Touchstone")

Between the time that he was introduced in Season Two and the next time he was involved with SG-1 in Season Five, Reynolds was promoted to the rank of Colonel and given command of SG-16 to lead a long-term analysis of the planet Velona (P4X-636) and a weapon found there. Reynolds must have an engineering background in order to lead a team such as this. He worked with Carter to adapt a naquadah reactor to the weapon to replace its power core. The reactor would successfully power up the weapon, but in order for it to do so, it could not be stopped in transferring its energy or it would explode. The Ascended Being named Orlin had been banished to this planet because he gave the people of the planet the design to build the weapon to destroy an attacking Goa'uld, but after the people were successful in overcoming the Goa'uld, they decided to use the weapon to conquer other worlds. Because Orlin had communicated the knowledge for the people to design the weapon, The Others (the collective of other Ascended Beings), destroyed the Velonan civilization and banished Orlin there as punishment for his interference. Orlin decided to retake human form to prevent Reynolds from powering up the weapon. When he tried to stop Reynolds from the test, Reynolds shot him. Orlin had been successful in disconnecting the naquadah reactor from the weapon before he was immobilized, but the reactor was still building up energy and would explode. The Others gave Orlin a second chance and helped him to ascend once again and he, as an Ascended Being, removed the naquadah reactor far from SG-16 and it exploded without harm. He also destroyed the weapon with a bolt of lightning. (5.03 "Ascension")

Season Seven

It appears that Reynolds had made the transition of being an engineer to being a military commander, perhaps the SGC's most senior SG team commander after Col. Jack O'Neill. He was given command of SG-3 by the time Season Seven started. SG-3 had been, by history, a Marine combat unit, but Reynolds is an Air Force officer. It is still probable, however, that those under his command on the team are Marines. The primary duty of SG-3 has been to secure the Stargate on an offworld mission so that a clear line of escape is available in case of enemy encounters. Reynolds was in the process of setting up the perimeter around the gate on a planet that was home to the ruins of the Ancient's city of Vis Uban, when he was approached by a nomad who looked strickingly familiar. It was Daniel Jackson who had returned to human form after becoming an Ascended Being (5.21 "Meridian"). Reynolds immediately recognized him and convinced Daniel, whose nomadic name was Arrom, to go with SG-3 to the tent village where SG-1 was. Reynolds proudly presented Daniel to his old teammates and explained to them that Daniel had no memory of who he was.

After Daniel returned to Earth and regained some of his memory, he was assigned to go with Jonas Quinn onboard Anubis' mothership to decipher the computer codes written in one of the oldest dialects of the Ancients' language. Col. Reynolds was assigned to help Daniel and Jonas gain access to the ship via the ring transporter by ambushing and disabling Anubis' Jaffa patrols. He was there to see the two men off, wishing them good luck. (7.01 "Fallen Part 1")

Reynolds accompanied SG-1 to the Goa'uld System Lord Ramius' planet to capture one of Anubis' new footsoldiers, genetically-engineered humonoids with implanted Goa'uld symbiotes called Kull Warriors. During the firefight with the Kull Warrior, Reynolds was wounded in the left shoulder by one of the warrior's laser blasts. The SGC teams and Rebel Jaffa who had staged the attack were discovered and forced to surrender. Even though Reynolds suffered greatly from his wound and appeared to be losing the battle with the infection, he recovered with no visible signs of the injury. (7.11 "Evolution Part 1")

Anubis continued to send out his Kull Warriors to destroy lesser System Lords and other groups who threatened his position. He somehow discovered the new location of the Alpha Site and sent some of his warriors there to track down the weapon he found out was being developed which could kill his Kull Warriors who, up to this point, were practically indestructable. The aftermath of this attack was the complete destruction of the Alpha Site by its commander, Col. Riley, who set off a bomb to self destruct to prevent Anubis from gaining a foothold. Reynolds and his team, often assigned search and rescue operations as well as military backup, were sent to search for survivors. (7.16 "Death Knell")

Anubis continued his climb in power. He was searching for the Lost City of the Ancients at the same time as the SGC. It appeared he was only one step behind in sending out probes to the same locations that the SGC sent teams. While on the planet P3X-439, SG-3 was watching the Stargate as SG-2 surveyed some Ancient ruins. They were able to return safely to the SGC, but Reynolds' team had spotted a probe and knew that Anubis would be sending ships to the planet soon. Daniel was able to complete his translation of the ruins that SG-2 had found and discovered that this planet had on it another Repository of Knowledge device which contained all the knowledge of the Ancients. SG-1, SG-3, and SG-5 returned to the planet to attempt to remove the device and gain access to the knowledge, but they were soon under attack. Reynolds commanded both SG-3 and SG-5 in securing the Stargate and was able to keep the Stargate open for them to escape, but there were a few casualties in the battle. (7.21 "Lost City Part 1")

Jack took the download of the Repository of Knowledge on the planet and destroyed the device before Anubis could get to it. With this knowledge, he was able to locate the Antarctic Outpost where he activated advanced weapons which destroyed Anubis' attacking fleet over Earth. (7.21 "Lost City Part 2")

Season Eight

After Anubis' defeat, the Goa'uld System Lord Ba'al started taking control of Anubis' domain (8.01 "New Order Part 1"). When SG-1 was accompanied by Reynolds' team to the planet P2X-887 which had been in Anubis' power, but thought to be unknown by Ba'al, Reynolds was second in command of the mission to Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter. It was Reynolds' team's duty to protect SG-1 while they used the ring transporter control they obtained from Rebel Jaffa that would get them into the hidden base. Reynolds suggested that he leave two of his men at the Stargate while he and another of his men accompanied SG-1, now only a three-man team, but Carter insisted that the entire SG-3 team remain at the Stargate, much to Reynolds' disapproval. Reynolds spotted an Al'kesh fly over and concluded that it was Ba'al who had discovered their location. When they couldn't locate SG-1, everyone assumed that they had been captured on the ship. Ba'al used this knowledge to bargain for a trade between SG-1 and the traitor Goa'uld System Lord Camulus, but he really didn't have SG-1. They were trapped inside the hidden base with no means of communication.

Col. Reynolds acted as a military advisor to Jack, now a Brigadier General and in command of the SGC. He provided suggestions on where to make the trade and even gathered the troops in the embarkation room to show Jack that everyone was behind him 100% in finding the missing team. Reynolds knew of the history between Ba'al and Jack and how SG-1 had stopped at nothing to find Jack and bring him home (6.06 "Abyss"). Jack was touched by everyone's support because at this time he was having a lot of doubt as to the wisdom of his taking the commanding position at the SGC. Reynolds ran the missions to the various planets involved in the arrangements to trade Camulus for SG-1. The trading arrangements failed because Ba'al never had SG-1, but SG-1 eventually returned home unharmed. (8.04 "Zero Hour")

SG-3 was assigned to the rescue mission on the Prometheus to determine the fate of the Atlantis Expedition in the Pegasus Galaxy. Col. Reynolds commanded the four-man team and provided the mission commander, Gen. George Hammond, with advice from the military and strategic point of view. He acted as the mission's military second in command. When the rescue mission answered a distress call and encountered two disabled ships, an Al'kesh and a cargo ship, Reynolds led his team to determine if the Al'kesh could be salvaged. SG-3 and the rest of the Prometheus crew, except for Daniel Jackson, were stranded on the Al'kesh by the space pirate, Vala, in her bid to steal the Prometheus and trade it for an extraordinary amount of weapons grade naquadah. Col. Reynolds demonstrated knowledge of Al'kesh system controls and was left on the Al'kesh to pilot it home after the Prometheus was recovered. Vala, however, was able to overpower SG-3 and send them back to the Prometheus via the ring transporter before she disappeared in hyperspace on the Al'kesh. (8.12 "Prometheus Unbound")

When Replicators were sent to the SGC base by their leader, Replicator Carter, Gen. Jack O'Neill ordered that the base be evacuated. Col. Reynolds acted as second-in-command by verifying that everyone was accounted for. He reported to Jack concerning the status of the computer security systems and that there were some men trapped on Level 8. After everyone else had been evacuated, he remained behind with Jack to free the trapped men. With the countdown for a nuclear bomb about to be detonated down the silo of the Mountain ticking away, these remaining men defended the base and made their way to the Control Room in order to attempt to dial out and escape through the Stargate. Reynolds stood by Jack's side in their effort to protect Sgt. Siler who was attempting to override the Replicators' reprogramming of the dialing computer. With only a few minutes left in the countdown, the Stargate was activated from the planet Dakara where an Ancient weapon had been programmed by Jacob Carter/Selmak to send a disruptor wave which would neutralize the Replicators permanently. The wave went through the base and all the Replicators were destroyed. (8.17 "Reckoning Part 2")

Season Nine

Col. Reynolds continued as the commander of SG-3 after the SGC was placed under the command of Gen. Hank Landry. Reynolds and his team were included in the mission led by SG-1 to rescue Teal'c who had been captured by Ba'al (or, more specifically, one of Ba'al's clones). The rescue was coordinated between the SGC and Bra'tac, who used an Al'kesh to clear the area around the Stargate on the planet where Ba'al had parked his Ha'tak. The rescue operation was a success. (9.14 "Stronghold")

Reynolds and his team visited a planet where the population had become addicted to a corn engineered with a psycho-stimulant. Lt. Mooney of his team tasted the corn, called "kassa", and became quickly addicted to it, so much so that Reynolds had to forcefully urge him away from it to return to the SGC. Reynolds obtained the coordinates of the planet said to be the source of the produce, and Gen. Landry sent SG-1 to the planet to gather more information about it. While SG-1 was conducting their investigation on P6G-452, Reynolds remained at the SGC, kept up to date with Dr. Lee's research into the plant, and reported the results of their investigation to Landry. SG-1 discovered that the Lucian Alliance was behind distributing the corn to several human populations, many of whom had been the topic of concern among the Free Jaffa at their last Interim Council meeting because of their erratic behavior. (9.16 "Off the Grid")

Gen. Landry sent Teal'c and SG-12 to investigate a distress call received through the Stargate from the Sodan Jaffa. The Sodan were under attack by one of their own, Volnek, who had been turned into a murderous zombie by one of the Priors of the Ori as punishment for the Sodan's rejection of the Ori. After Teal'c's party failed to report back on time, Landry ordered Reynolds to take his team and SG-22 to render assistance. Reynolds and his men found Teal'c and the remainder of his party stranded in the burned down village. Since the only way to terminate Volnek's existence permanently was to destroy the body, Reynolds and his men built a trap made of explosives and a trip wire. Volnek was destroyed, and unfortunately, only one Sodan, Lord Haikon, survived. (9.18 "Arthur's Mantle")

Season Ten

Reynolds was supposed to command the SGC base when General Landry scheduled a vacation with SG-1 to Jack's cabin. Carter commanded the base until Reynolds was to return from his mission to P9J-333, but complications arose that required that he stay in command of his team. (10.05 "Uninvited")

Originally, Reynolds and his SG-3 unit were sent to P9J-333 to covertly observe if the planet turned to Origin or not. They used the Sodan Cloaking Devices to stay undercover, but when people were being attacked and killed by a vicious creature, they made contact with the population. It was later discovered that the Sodan Cloaking Devices were permitting a parasite to "bleed" through from an alternate dimension, to burrow itself into a local animal, and to mutate that animal into a monster. Reynolds and his men attempted to capture the creature alive, but Teal'c destroyed it with a grenade. Still, they were able to study the creature and determine the cause of its mutation. When it was discovered that the same thing had happened to a local wild animal on Earth, Reynolds and SG-3 participated in the search party that hunted and killed two mutated creatures. (10.05 "Uninvited")

Reynolds's dry sense of humor came through when Vala insulted him and his men by calling them "amateurs" as they hunted down the creature. In heading for his position in the search, Reynolds passed Vala and said, "Excuse me. Amateurs coming through." (10.05 "Uninvited")

The next mission Reynolds was seen on was to P9C-882 where he made contact with people who wished to oppose the Ori and asked for the SGC's help. Reynolds introduced SG-1 to their leader, Thilana, and then left the planet, but not before stopping at the Stargate to watch Carter shift the entire village into an alternate dimension to hide from the Prior and his army. After watching the village disappear in a flash of light, Reynolds exclaimed, "We have the craziest jobs in the world." (10.12 "Line in the Sand")

When the Jaffa Arkad engineered a massacre of other Jaffa at Dar Eshkalon who were seeking to oppose the Ori's army, Reynolds and his teams were ordered to consider the investigation a top priority. Reynolds reported to General Landry on behalf of SG-22 who had heard about Arkad on P8T-365, a predominantly Jaffa planet that had turned to Origin. Reynolds and his men had been maintaining contact with anti-Ori rebels who reported that Arkad was amassing a stockpile of weapons grade naquadah in order to attack Earth. (10.17 "Talion")

Reynolds was last seen commanding SG-3 as they and SG-1 set a trap to stop Teal'c from killing Arkad for the massacre at Dar Eshkalon. Teal'c disabled Reynolds and SG-3 member Baker, and even disabled his SG-1 teammates, to get to his target. Arkad died by Teal'c's hand, and the Jaffa killed in the massacre were avenged. SG-1 and SG-3 returned to the SGC and filed reports that falsified what happened on the planet so that the IOA would not prevent Teal'c from rejoining his team. (10.17 "Talion")

Reynolds and his team were part of a false memory implanted into Vala so that she could fool her daughter Adria, the leader of the Ori's crusade in the Milky Way, into thinking that she had left the SGC. In these false memories, SG-1 stopped supporting Vala because they thought that Adria was controlling her mind by feeding her Stargate addresses of where the Ancients had allegedly hidden weapons before they ascended. This support was cut off after Reynolds and his team were immediately ambushed as they stepped through the Stargate, and two of his men were lost. Fortunately, this was all a false memory and Reynolds and his team were not actually harmed. (10.19 "Dominion")


While Reynolds and his team were on P6X-437, they were approached by a Prior of the Ori (the Prior of Ver Isca) who wished to talk with Earth's representatives concerning their surrender. The Prior was granted an audience with General Landry at the base, knowing full well that his powers would be nullified by the Anti-Prior Device. Even though the Ori Priors had seven warships in the solar system, they chose to wait for this Prior's word to attack Earth. Their best chance at gaining a huge multitude of followers to empower the Ori was to convert the planet's population to Origin, rather than destroying it. Reynolds took the Prior's orbed staff away from him and he and his team escorted him through the Stargate to SGC where he was confined. Ultimately, this Prior was exposed to the light of the Ark of Truth, which revealed the truth about the Ori's lies and evil intent. With this Prior's conversion, all other Priors in the galaxy were enlightened through the psychic links they all had through their orbed staffs, and the Ori threat in the Milky Way was ended. (Stargate: The Ark of Truth)

Reynolds was most likely still the leader of SG-3 when they escorted the last of the Ba'al clones through the Stargate to the Tok'ra's new homeworld for an extraction ceremony. Major General Jack O'Neill also accompanied the group to keep an eye on the last of the Goa'uld System Lords. The extraction ceremony was performed and the symbiote was executed, but the host was spared. (Stargate: Continuum)


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