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Dr. Kate Heightmeyer


Dr. Kate Heightmeyer was the psychologist assigned to support the Atlantis Expedition in the Pegasus Galaxy until her death after over three years of service.

Character Biography

As one of Earth's best psychologists, Dr. Kate Heightmeyer was assigned to counsel those of the Atlantis Expedition, including aliens native to the Pegasus Galaxy (SGA 1.18 "The Gift", SGA 2.18 "Michael"). She gently directed questions to her patients that were designed to lead them into understanding themselves. Despite her being assigned to the Atlantis Base where she had to handle extreme and incredible cases (SGA 2.04 "Duet"), she occasionally misdiagnosed her patients' symptoms because she relied heavily on human psychological explanations rather than believing some of the astonishing stories her patients might have been telling her (SGA 3.12 "Echoes").

With all of the stress the Expedition members faced, Heightmeyer suggested that a regular period of rest be established on the base (SGA 3.17 "Sunday"). Even with this day off, the Expedition still faced tremendous stress and lost several of their own people, including Dr. Carson Beckett, when the work done by scientists on one day had an effect on them later on.

Heightmeyer died in her sleep as a hostile entity took over her dreams and caused her to fall from the great height of her balcony to her death in the dream (SGA 4.04 "Doppelganger"). She most likely died of cardiac arrest.


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