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Kensington Place location


Kensington Place is a charming apartment building on the corner of Nicola St and Beach Ave, just a few blocks from downtown Vancouver. Across the street from it is Sunset Park, a narrow grassy expanse along the tip of English Bay. Both locations were used in 8.07 "Affinity," with Teal'c's apartment being in the building and the park serving as the work-out area for Teal'c and Krista. The alley beside the building was where Teal'c took-down the purse-snatcher.


Kensington Place is a lovely five-story apartment building located at 1386 Nicola St, near the corner of Nicola and Beach Ave. Along the south-western edge of the Vancouver peninsula, it's less than a mile from the main downtown area of Vancouver.

Facing the building, the alley where Teal'c took down the purse-snatcher with a well-aimed avocado is on the left. The details of some of the buildings and railings along the alley look different now, some four years after the episode was filmed.

Just across the busy Beach Ave is Sunset Park, a long, narrow, grassy park along English Bay, where you're likely to see joggers and strollers out enjoying the afternoon sun, if there is any.

When Teal'c and Krista are practicing Teal'c's tai-chi like exercises in the park, the side of the Kensington building is visible in the background.

Beach Ave is very busy, and the other streets around the building are quite narrow, so one can imagine filming there was tricky from a production standpoint, with the many trucks that were required. There is a crane shot in the episode; the back of the crane would have been very close to Beach Ave.

The interior scenes of Teal'c's apartment were not filmed at Kensington Place, but rather in a set constructed in a former mental hospital, as mentioned on the commentary for the episode.


Front of building
Walking past alley on left
Sunset Park with building in background
Sunset Park on English Bay

Photos, April 2009 -- click to enlarge

Front of building
Alley on left
Street signs
Wider view
View from park
Sunset Park


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