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When Teal'c moves into an apartment off base, his attempts to build a life as a "regular" human being are thwarted when he becomes embroiled in the troubles of his new neighbor, Krista. Carter is wondering about her life and future with Pete. Can she involve Pete in the risks she takes? Drop off a baby in day care before gating off into the unknown?

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Teal'c, having finally been cleared to live off base, is settling in nicely in his new neighborhood. His neighbors love him. He's quiet. And he has become a sort of protector of his community, having most recently defended a driver against three bullies.

But not everybody sees his civilian assimilation the same way. That recent incident has come to the attention of Col. Richard Kendrick of the Office of Special Investigations (OSI), who pressures Brig. Gen. Jack O'Neill to have Teal'c removed from the civilian population. He realizes that Teal'c has helped save Earth a couple of times, but having an alien living in the private sector is already drawing unwanted attention.

O'Neill sends Dr. Daniel Jackson to Teal'c's apartment to convince him to keep a low profile, which Teal'c agrees to do. But when Teal'c does nothing as a woman's purse is snatched in front of him and her groceries strewn all over the street, his neighbors, including a skateboarding teen named Eric, egg him on to help. So he throws an avocado a full city block and knocks the thief out cold.

He also comes to the aid of another neighbor, a pretty young woman named Krista James who is being abused by her boyfriend. Krista believes Teal'c has recently moved here from Mozambique and is Dr. Jackson's research assistant. She asks Teal'c to teach her some defensive moves. They seem to be attracted to one another. But Krista's abusive boyfriend, Doug McNair, comes back into the picture and Teal'c sees that he has beaten her. She begs Teal'c not to intervene, so Teal'c simply warns Doug that if he ever harms Krista again, he will kill him where he stands. An elderly neighbor overhears the hallway dispute. And unbeknownst to Teal'c, all his moves are being watched through a powerful lens somewhere nearby.

Meanwhile, Lt. Col. Samantha Carter is surprised when her cop boyfriend, Pete Shanahan, tells her that he's put in for a transfer to the Colorado Springs PD--and she's shocked when he pulls out a ring and proposes. This is something Carter has to think about, since she goes from planet to planet every week without knowing if she ever will return.

In his apartment house, Teal'c finds Krista sitting in the hallway waiting for him. She tells him it's over with Doug, for real this time, and begs Teal'c to get in a car with her and just drive away for the weekend. Teal'c obliges, unaware that Doug lies dead in Krista's apartment.

Kendrick has issued an all-points bulletin to locate Teal'c, who is now wanted for kidnapping and murder. Teal'c believes the cars following him and Krista are only doing so to bring him back to Stargate Command, so at Krista's insistence, he loses them. Teal'c and Krista wind up in a motel, where nature takes its course.

Teal'c awakens to find Krista gone and a Special Forces squad at his door. He is taken to SGC and held in quarters. Kendrick pressures O'Neill to put Teal'c in the brig. O'Neill, who takes Teal'c at his word, asks how Kendrick knew where Teal'c was and why Teal'c would say he was being followed. Kendrick replies that the OSI was not tailing him and that he'd merely received an anonymous tip as to Teal'c's whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Daniel receives a message in Ancient in his e-mail, and a mysterious phone call demanding the message be translated into Goa'uld in exchange for a videotape of Doug's death, which would confirm Teal'c's innocence.

Carter gets Pete to help her investigate the crime scene, which indicates that a large individual, like Teal'c, killed Doug after pinning him up high against a wall and choking him. Through some good old-fashioned police work, Pete ascertains that Teal'c has been under surveillance from across the street and has been framed.

Meanwhile Daniel goes to a park as instructed by the mysterious caller, who turns out to be an ex-NID agent, Jennings, from a rogue group of former agents now calling themselves The Trust. Jennings takes Daniel by force to a warehouse where Krista is being held. En route, Jennings explains that the Trust's main concern is the safety of Earth, which is why they had Teal'c, an alien in the private sector, under surveillance. In a way, Teal'c is partially responsible for Doug's death, says Jennings: Had Teal'c not shown Krista how to crush an assailant's windpipe, she would not have had killed Doug in self-defense and the Trust wouldn't have been able to frame Teal'c, so they could blackmail Daniel to do their bidding.

To save Krista, Daniel translates the Ancient text for the Trust, who then verify its authenticity and transmit the data to an unknown location. Then they zat Daniel and Krista unconscious.

Acting on a lead Pete has devloped, Carter, Pete, and SGC Special Forces storm the warehouse. They find Daniel and Krista and the bad guys seemingly vanished into the thin air.

Teal'c moves back to base and says goodbye to Krista, who's been cleared of murder.

And Carter says "yes" to Pete.

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