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Krista James


Krista James was a neighbor of Teal'c's when he moved into his own apartment in the episode, 8.07 "Affinity".

Character Biography

Krista often asked favors of Teal'c in fixing her plumbing, but she would bring a "bribe" with her, usually cookies. They often spent time together, including walking to a nearby grocery store and sharing meals. Teal'c had become quite the protector of his neighbors and when he saw that Krista was being abused by her boyfriend, Doug McNair, he threatened murder.

Krista asked Teal'c to train her in a form of martial arts that she saw him doing one day in the park near their apartment building. She then used the self-defense method of crushing someone's windpipe when Doug got too rough with her. Instead of reporting the incident, Krista left Doug's body in her apartment and convinced Teal'c to go away with her for a weekend, claiming that she and Doug had just broken up and she needed to get away. Teal'c took her to a motel where they became lovers.

Unknown to Teal'c at the time, a group which called themselves "The Trust" had been keeping Teal'c under surveillance. This group were former rogue NID agents who did not like the fact that Teal'c, being an alien, was allowed to move freely in society. They happened to film Krista's and Doug's struggle and decided to use this opportunity to frame Teal'c for the murder and blackmail Daniel Jackson into doing an Ancient-to-Goa'uld translation for them. If Daniel would translate for them without contacting any one else, they'd give him the evidence which would clear Teal'c of kidnapping and murder charges. Teal'c was tracked down at the motel, but Krista was no where to be found. "The Trust" had somehow kidnapped her without Teal'c's knowledge.

Daniel stalled as much as he could, but eventually he was taken by "The Trust" into a warehouse where they had Krista. They threatened to kill Krista in order to get Daniel to do the translation. Daniel complied. After giving them the translation, however, it appeared that the leader of the group, Hoskins, was going to put a bullet in the back of their heads after he had them face the wall execution style. Hoskins, however, must have realized that killing them would be a terrible mistake, so he zatted them instead. Col. Samantha Carter led a team into the warehouse in time to find the two on the floor unconscious, but their kidnappers were nowhere to be found. It appears that they used Asgard beaming technology to make their escape.

Krista was most probably helped quickly through the legal system and she returned home only to find that Teal'c was moving out. He was unable to keep a low profile and having him out in the world was too risky. She bid him farewell, never knowing that he was an alien.


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