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Maz'rai was a member of the Free Jaffa Nation's High Council and a strong supporter for democracy for the young nation. (9.14 "Stronghold")

Character Biography

Maz'rai and Bra'tac were old friends, having both served under Apophis before gaining their freedom. Maz'rai was a member of the High Council and a strong supporter for democracy, putting into action limitations on the power of the High Council after Gerak's abuse. The Council members were close to voting on dissolving the Council and setting up a democratic government with elected officials, and Maz'rai spoke in favor of that. Bra'tac called on another supporter, Ka'lel, to speak in favor of the move, but she delayed it instead, speaking of an issue with females' rights, all to Maz'rai's astonishment. After the Council took a break, Maz'rai visited Ka'lel to determine what was behind her change in position, and she zatted him.

Ka'lel had been brainwashed by Ba'al in his effort to gain control of the Free Jaffa Nation through its Council. She had Maz'rai taken before Ba'al where he, too, became brainwashed. The next day, Maz'rai spoke to the Council and delayed the move for democracy. Bra'tac's and Teal'c's hearts became troubled and they went to speak with Maz'rai to find out why he had changed his mind. Maz'rai felt that they needed more time to debate the issue and not do anything rash. If the vote was delayed, it would give Gerak's supporters more time to rally support for accepting Origin as a Nation-wide religion.

After Teal'c went missing, Bra'tac and Daniel figured that these Council members had become brainwashed. They confronted Maz'rai with the possibility that he had been a victim. Maz'rai decided to perform the Rite of Mal Sharran in order to find his true heart. This Rite required that he remove his symbiote and bring himself close to death. Teal'c himself had overcome Apophis's brainwashing with this Rite, but very few Jaffa survive it (5.02 "Threshold"). Maz'rai, feeling the shame of becoming a victim and not being able to recover from it, scrawled Ka'lal's name before he died. He had performed the Rite alone.

Bra'tac was greatly grieved at Maz'rai's death, but followed through on Maz'rai's clue concerning Ka'lel. He followed her and found the location of where Ba'al was taking the Council members and worked with the SGC in coordinating a rescue. Maz'rai's last action helped save Teal'c, Bra'tac, and the Free Jaffa Nation when the Council voted for democracy soon thereafter.


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