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Members of the Jaffa High Council are showing unusual behavior and an old enemy, thought dead, is revealed to be behind the conspiracy. Teal'c and Bra'tac's investigation leads them both into danger. Meanwhile, one of Mitchell's old friends is about to die and wants to know the truth about his involvement in the Stargate programme.

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Just before the Jaffa Nation holds its first elections, two of the national council's most devout supporters of democracy, Ka'lel and Maz'rai, abruptly announce that they no longer condone the plan. Shocked and disappointed, Teal'c and Bra'tac conclude that treachery — not honest dissent — must be behind their comrades' strange behavior.

Meanwhile, Mitchell visits his friend and fellow pilot, Maj. Bryce Ferguson, in a Colorado Springs hospital. Four years ago, Ferguson suffered a head wound while saving Mitchell's life. Because of that injury, Mitchell got Ferguson's slot in the Stargate Program — while Ferguson still lacks the security clearance to know what a "Stargate" is. Worse, now he's dying of an aneurysm caused by his wound. Mitchell, full of grief and guilt, has arranged for his friend to be treated by Dr. Kelly, a specialist affiliated with Stargate Command. Mitchell is confident that Kelly — with her access to top-secret alien technology — can find a cure.

Mitchell doesn't leave Ferguson's side, even when Bra'tac arrives with the disturbing news that Teal'c has disappeared. Instead, Daniel and Carter start investigating. With Bra'tac's help, they realize that someone has been abducting Jaffa council members and brainwashing them with Goa'uld technology. This mysterious enemy is probably trying the same technique on Teal'c.

Hoping to learn more, Daniel and Bra'tac convince Maz'rai to undergo the dangerous Rite of M'al Sharran, which will clear his mind of any Goa'uld manipulation — if it doesn't kill him.

Maz'rai dies during the Rite, but not before scrawling out a clue: "Ka'lel." Bra'tac begins tailing that council member, assuming she will lead him to Teal'c, and Carter preps a rescue mission, to be launched the moment Bra'tac's plan succeeds.

Back on Earth, Dr. Kelly concludes that Ferguson's condition is too serious for her to cure. Mitchell is devastated. Before he must leave to help rescue Teal'c, he persuades Gen. Landry to authorize one more use of alien technology on Ferguson's behalf: With the help of the Galaran memory device, Mitchell shares his experiences as SG-1's leader with his amazed friend.

Having discovered that Teal'c is being held aboard a Goa'uld mothership on a distant planet, Bra'tac, Carter, Daniel and Mitchell launch an assault. Mitchell, however, takes out his profound frustration about Ferguson by outpacing his backup and assaulting the mothership singlehandedly. He and Bra'tac are both captured. They're about to find out who's behind the brainwashing — and whether Teal'c has succumbed — but this might be the last information they ever learn…


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