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P6J-908 was a planet explored by SG-8. After receiving permission from General O'Nell, the team returned with an interesting plant for further study. Dr. Lee's team discovered the plant had incredibly growth potential: sprouting from a seed within the span of mere hours.

However, the plant from P6J-908 quickly grew out of control. Apparently it was able to grow with the merest amount of visible light showing on any part of the plant. The plant extended through floors of the SGC, even affecting the power and communication systems of the base and releasing its spores into the ventilation system. Aside from its growth potential, the plant proved difficult to eradicate. After several foiled attempts, Dr. Lee discovered that gamma radiation worked. The base needed to be evacuated of non-essential personnel, and those that remained were required to wear radiation suits. This method worked and the base was free of the overgrowing plant.


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