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SG-8 was one of the initial group of teams created when Stargate Command officially began sending teams out through the Stargate. No specific members of SG-8 are ever known.

Stargate References

SG-8, was among the eight teams that were stuck offworld while the SGC Stargate was offline (5.14 "48 Hours"). While Teal'c's pattern was somehow trapped within the Stargate program, the Russians agreed to activate their own Stargate and allow offworld teams to return to Earth via Russia. SG-8 and SG-5 were among the first teams to return safely. No specifics were given on SG-8's offworld mission at that time.

During Jack O'Neill's tenure as commander of the SGC, SG-8 during a scheduled radio contact, requested permission to bring back an interesting "alien life form" back from P6J-908 for further study. When O'Neill initially balked, Sgt. Harriman explained it was only a plant. O'Neill gave his permission and Dr. Lee's team studied the plant in detail, noting its amazing growth pattern. Unfortunately the plant grew with the slightest exposure to any light source and started to overwhelm the base., but was eventually eradicated.

SG-8 was one of seventeen teams taking part in an offworld SGC celebration (possibly on P2C-106), (10.06 "200"). The celebration may have been for Lt. Col. Mitchell's 200th trip through the Stargate, but in any case took place on the landmark (and overly meta) 200th episode of Stargate SG-1.


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