Queen Elizabeth Park And Bloedel Conservatory

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Queen Elizabeth Park and Bloedel Conservatory location


Queen Elizabeth Park and The Bloedel Floral Conservatory reside beside each other and are part of Vancouver Parks and Gardens. The conservatory, with its distinctive dome, houses a variety of tropical plants and many birds of various varieties who fly free within it. The park is home to lovely gardens and was restored from a quarry. The park is the highest point in Vancouver, at 501 ft above sea level.

Both the park and the dome were featured in 2.04 "The Game Keeper". The trees are bare in the episode, indicating a wintertime or early spring shoot. The numerous outside flowers seen in the episode might have been planted just for filming.


Queen Elizabeth Park and The Bloedel Floral Conservatory are located at 4600 Cambie Street near West 33rd Avenue, about two miles south of downtown Vancouver. The park was once a basalt quarry. The first of thousands of trees was planted in 1949 on the quarry's surrounding slopes. The Bloedel triodetic dome was built after a large donation by Prentice Bloedel in 1969. It is intended to bring a bit of the tropical world to Vancouver, and its interior is warm and humid year-round.

In 2.04 "The Game Keeper" the dome interior was used in the scenes showing the virtual reality chairs that trapped SG-1. In one early scene, the view through the dome is seen, indicating it really was filmed there. The outside of the dome and the gardens are seen once SG-1 escapes the chairs and confronts The Keeper. More of the park is visible when the inhabitants of P7J-989 realize their planet is beautiful once again and begin to pick The Keeper's beloved flowers.


Bloedel dome
Inside conservatory
Quarry garden

Photos, April 2009 — click to enlarge

Bloedel dome
Dome close-up
Quarry garden view
View from Bloedel
Pathway through park
Quarry garden view


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