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The Keeper


The Keeper was the man placed in charge of providing entertainment to the residents of P7J-989 while they were in stasis waiting for the atmosphere of their planet to return to habitable after they overindustrialized and made the planet uninhabitable. (2.04 "The Game Keeper")

Character Biography

The Keeper took his job very seriously. He was assigned to one of the domed areas where several "residents" were placed in stasis in a chair which occupied their minds with virtual reality scenarios. The residents had been placed in this state after their planet was destroyed by a chemical disaster one thousand and twenty-two years ago. The very few who were left placed their physical bodies in suspended animation. The Keeper is the one who created the environments, the domed enclosures, as well as the stasis chairs, and monitored the outside in order to determine when it was safe for the residents to leave his protection. He got carried away with the power he had over the residents and his fear that they would destroy the world again because their technology was advancing faster than they could control it.

When SG-1 entered one of his environments, he lured them into the chairs and they were placed into stasis along with the residents being watched over by The Keeper. Using the memories of Jack and Daniel, The Keeper was able to produce new "entertainment" for his residents, hoping to keep them happily occupied so that they wouldn't want to leave his control. The virtual reality scenarios which he entertained his residents with were instances in Jack's and Daniel's lives which they had wished they could have done something differently in order to change the outcomes. With Jack, it was when he was a Captain on a mission in East Germany in 1982 which had gone bad and left his commanding officer, Col. John Micheals, dead. With Daniel, it was the witnessing of the deaths of his parents as they were crushed to death under the coverstone of an exhibit they were putting together in the New York Museum of Art when he was but a small boy. Teal'c was placed in Jack's virtual reality and Carter was placed in Daniel's, because neither of their memories could be extracted by the machine, presumably because of the symbiote which Teal'c carried and Carter's former status as a host to a Goa'uld symbiote.

SG-1 was able to get the team to the exit, which The Keeper said was clearly marked. He had purposely withheld the existence of these exits from the residents, however. The residents started to interact with SG-1 instead of merely observing their scenarios and were convinced to follow them through the exit. The Keeper was beside himself with anger that his domain had been destroyed. He had planted beautiful flower beds from which the residents quickly started to pick flowers. The Keeper said that the residents would first ruin the garden and then the entire planet.

The Keeper's chairs were used by the SGC in developing virtual reality scenarios to train their personnel on foothold situations involving an invasion of Kull Warriors. The SGC kept two of the chairs for this project and also maintained contact with the scientists of P7J-989, but no mention was made specifically of The Keeper and what happened to him after everyone woke up. (8.06 "Avatar")


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