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Exploring a strange and beautiful garden in a distant world, the team members are trapped, knocked unconscious, and awakened to find themselves reliving the most pivotal, traumatic moments of their lives. A mysterious Keeper explains that it is all a virtual-reality type game. Forced to watch friends and family dying, SG-1 only wants to escape.

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Colonel Jack O'Neill and the SG-1 team travel to P7J-989, where they discover a beautiful garden and a dome full of strange metallic chambers, each containing an unconscious person. As the team inspects the chambers, they are trapped and knocked unconscious.

They awaken to find they are reliving pivotal moments in their lives in the hope of changing the outcome. Teal'c joins O'Neill on a battlefield where the Colonel lost a patrol, and witnesses the death of his parents in a freak accident. A shadowy figure called The Keeper steps forward and explains; they are part of a game that feeds memories into a virtual reality he has created for the amusement and edification of "his residents" in the metallic chambers. They are there because, he says, the planet has been rendered uninhabitable by pollution. But he's lying and when the SG-1 team threatens to reveal his deceit to the others, he admits defeat. Or does he?


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