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While on an exploratory mission, Ronon is taken prisoner by villagers who made a pact with the Wraith. Meanwhile, Sheppard and Teyla rally the team to rescue their comrade.

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Ronon falls into a nightmare from his past when he, Sheppard, Teyla and McKay visit a village where his face is remembered all too well. Several years ago, when the Wraith had implanted him with a tracking chip and were hunting him for pleasure, Ronon sought shelter in this village. The locals cared for him until his presence brought the Wraith down upon them. He fled, but the Wraith decimated the village; now the survivors want revenge.

The villagers attack the team. Only McKay escapes through the Stargate, limping badly from an arrow wound. The villagers capture Ronon, Sheppard and Teyla. Hoping to appease the Wraith, they decide to give Ronon to the murderous aliens as a gift. Ronon grimly convinces the villagers to let his friends go, on the condition that he willingly accepts this fate. Set free, Sheppard and Teyla race back to Atlantis, grab weapons and reinforcements, and return to the planet within the hour, but they're already too late: the village is a smoking ruin, and Ronon is gone. The Wraith have reclaimed their favorite plaything.

Ronon finds himself in the hands of an old nemesis, the Wraith who invaded Sateda, his home planet, and then pursued him across the galaxy. That same Wraith implants Ronon with a new tracking device and turns him loose amid Sateda's deserted, bombed-out ruins. As the Wraith leader watches sadistically from his hive ship via remote transmitter, his subordinates beam down to the planet to hunt their prey. Ronon is ready for each of them, but even as he fights, he can't help but relive his long-ago life on this world. Memories of his comrades and Melena, the woman he loved, haunt him as he goes about the bloody business of staying alive.

Ronon's enemies, however, aren't the only ones on his trail; his friends are hunting him, too. Guessing that the Wraith have implanted him with a new tracking device, McKay adjusts Atlantis's long-range sensors until they spot the signal from Sateda. As the team embarks on a rescue mission, they contemplate how much Ronon means to them — and how little they know about him.

That lack of knowledge might be their undoing. When they finally come face-to-face with their teammate, they discover that he has his own reasons for denying their help and refusing to leave his devastated homeworld.


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