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Col. Steven Caldwell


Col. Steven Caldwell is the commander of the Daedalus and serves as the military commander on Atlantis when his ship is present in the Pegasus Galaxy.

Character Biography

Caldwell has a strong sense of what the proper chain of command should be. He has a tense relationship with Dr. Elizabeth Weir whenever his ship is stationed at the Atlantis base. He clearly exerts his authority on his ship, however, even when Weir is aboard. Caldwell doesn't approve of Lt. Col. John Sheppard's command style and is always ready to find fault with his decisions. Caldwell was taken as an unwilling host to a Goa'uld symbiote during one of his tours on Earth. The Goa'uld planned to destroy Atlantis to prevent the Wraith from gaining a foothold in the Milky Way Galaxy. Caldwell was discovered to be the host and the plan to destroy the city was thwarted. Hermiod, the Asgard crewmember of the Daedalus, skillfully used the Asgard beaming technology of the ship to remove the symbiote from Caldwell. Afterwards, Caldwell was reassigned to his position as commander of the Daedalus, but he still shows signs of being shaken by the experience.


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