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Simian of Hadante


Simian was one of the inmates of the prison planet Hadante and was introduced in the episode, 2.03 "Prisoners".

Character Biography

Simian was healed of his blindness by Linea, an elderwoman who was feared among the other prisoners. As soon as Simian saw her face, he ran from her, not thanking her for giving him back his sight. Simian followed SG-1 and Linea as they escaped through the wormhole to P2A-509 where SG-1 knew that SG-3 would be. Maj. Warren of SG-3 discovered Simian hiding near their camp and brought him to the SGC because Simian had information about Linea. Simian explained that Linea had been the one to cause a disease which wiped out half of his world before she was caught. Linea, Simian revealed, was the feared Destroyer of Worlds.


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