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The SG-1 team inadvertently helps a desperate criminal and is charged as an accessory to murder. Sentenced to life imprisonment and banished to a desolate, brutal penal colony called Hadante, they strike a deal to escape with the aid of the powerful and enigmatic Linea, known to the other prisoners as Destroyer of Worlds.

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While exploring a seemingly insignificant planet, Colonel Jack O'Neill and the SG-1 team are approached by a ragged figure who pleads for their help from a pursuer named Taldor. They try to defend the man, only to discover he is a fleeing murderer. Taldor means Justice and, by aiding the man, the SG-1 crew are complicit in his crime. Over their protestations of innocence, the team is sent through a Stargate to Hadante, a penal world where brute strength and raw power rule.

Strangely, the most powerful person on Hadante seems to be Linea, a diminutive woman whose mysterious powers strike fear into brutes such as Vindoor. SG-1 strikes a deal with Linea: If she will help power the Stargate using her cold-fusion power source, they will help her escape with them. It seems a fair trade, but there's more to Linea than meets the eye.


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