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Linea, Destroyer of Worlds
Ke'ra of Vyus


Linea was an elderwoman who was an inmate of the prison planet Hadante (2.03 "Prisoner"). She reappeared in SG-1's lives as her younger self named Ke'ra of the planet Vyus (3.11 "Past and Present").

Character Biography

SG-1 was on a mission to the planet of the Taldor ("Justice"), when they were approached by a criminal who was fleeing for his life. The unseen, yet powerful, Taldor beamed this prisoner and SG-1 to a courtroom where they were all sentenced to life on the prison planet Hadante. Upon SG-1's arrival, the team immediately went to work trying to figure a way out of the prison, something Daniel equated with Botany Bay. It was quite evident to Jack and Teal'c that they needed to protect the two younger members of their team, since life in prison can be very cruel on ones so innocent. When one of the male prisoners made an advance toward Carter, she was saved by Linea, who held considerable influence over all of the men of the prison (Linea appeared to be the only female prisoner at the time SG-1 arrived). Linea announced that Carter was under her protection and the rest of the prisoners backed off.

Jack and Carter met with Linea to discuss finding a source of power for them to use on the stargate. If they could find a power source, they could free the inner ring of the stargate and dial out manually. Linea was a scientist and she had developed chemically-induced cold fusion activators from some of the local plant life. Jack and Carter asked that she use this chemical fusion to help them escape and in return for her help, they'd take her with them.

Linea took Carter under her wing and told her about how she ended up at Hadante. She said that she had attempted to cure a disease, but her work backfired and accelerated the disease instead of stopping it. Linea also warned Carter that the men of SG-1 were in danger because the leader, Vishnor, would challenge them to maintain his position of authority. When Daniel tried to prevent some of the prisoners from killing themselves in the unstable vortex of an incoming wormhole, Vishnor attacked him. Linea used a small device she held in the palm of her hand and killed Vishnor, but everyone thought that Daniel had been the victor. Linea gave Daniel medication to help him recover from the strangulation and it was soon thereafter that he recalled the 'gate address of SG-3's next mission and he suggested going there to rendezvous with them and use their GDO to get home. Linea decided to help them and they were able to dial out. While escaping, another prisoner named Simian escaped with them. He had been helped by Linea upon his arrival. She saw that he was blind and placed drops in his eyes and his vision was restored. Upon seeing her face, he ran in fear from her, not thanking her for restoring his sight.

SG-3 discovered Simian near their camp and took him to the SGC. There, Simian told them that Linea was the Destroyer of Worlds, a megalomaniac genius who had created the disease that destroyed half of his world before she was caught.

Linea provided the chemical formula for her activators and then used her access to the computer system to make her escape. She left a message on the computer screen in the control room after making her escape: "Thank you for your kindness. All debts have now been paid." (2.03 "Prisoners")

Because of her brilliant hacking into their computer system, the SGC did not know to where Linea escaped. About a year later, they were on a mission to Vyus where they met a population which was suffering from mass amnesia. They were taken to meet Ke'ra, the Minister of Health, Science and Restructuring in the Vyus Transitional Government. Ke'ra was the one everyone turned to for help when they needed medicine since she was an accomplished apothacary.

Ke'ra immediately accepted SG-1's offer to help them figure out what caused the Vorlix, the name they gave to the event which took everyone's memories from them. Ke'ra thought that the event might have been linked to D'Argol, a pesticide that had been banned for its harmful effects. Dr. Fraiser asked that some of the Vyuns go with her to the SGC where she could use her more advanced medical equipment to determine the cause of the amnesia. Two Vyuns, Orner and Mayris, accompanied Ke'ra to the SGC.

Daniel and Ke'ra were strongly attracted to each other. Having just lost Sha're, Daniel was very cautious about his behavior, but he couldn't help but be taken in by Ke'ra's open personality and brilliant mind. While he showed her the facility and kept her company, Carter studied Linea's diary which had been discovered in the library on Vyus and came to the conclusion that the experiment Linea had last performed caused both the amnesia and a regenerative effect on the Vyuns which made them all many years younger. Ke'ra, as it turned out, was Linea.

Daniel fought for Ke'ra's right to live her life because Ke'ra was not the mass murderer that Linea had been. He argued that Ke'ra should not be held responsible for Linea's actions because she did not have Linea's memories nor personality. Once Ke'ra was told that she was Linea, she decided to take the cure for the amnesia which she developed and found that she could not live with the fact that she was something evil. Her conflict led to her to attempt suicide, but Daniel stopped her and convinced her to expose herself once again to the chemical which had caused the amnesia. Ke'ra forgot Linea and everyone else, including Daniel. While in the embarkation room to return to Vyus, she thought that she had known Daniel and asked him if they knew each other well before her memory loss. He said that they didn't and then bid her good-bye. Before walking through the wormhole, Ke'ra turned and smiled at him.


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