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Lt. Gen. Vidrine
Gen. Vidrine after his promotion


Air Force General Vidrine heads the program to develop the aerospace ships (e.g., F-302 and BC-303) that use alien technology to aid in the protection of the planet.

Character Biography

When SG-1 was introduced to USAF Lt. Gen. Vidrine, they were testing the Earth-Goa'uld hybrid X-301 interceptor. Vidrine was visiting from the Pentagon and was already aware of the Stargate Program. He watched with awe and great appreciation while Teal'c flew the experimental aircraft, accepting that it could fly without really understanding the engineering behind it. When Teal'c and Col. Jack O'Neill were taken off-course by a recall device that Apophis had installed in the Death Gliders used in the prototype, Vidrine returned to the Pentagon where he could use his resources to help get his people back home safely. (4.12 "Tangent")

The X-301 Program was not an entire failure even after the mishap with the prototype. It was followed by the successful production of the F-302 intercept fighters (7.01 "Fallen Part 1").

Vidrine appeared to be a very serious officer, making even O'Neill uncomfortable with his lack of humor. He carried his authority so well that when Daniel Jackson was given a dream by Shifu concerning the dangers of accessing his Goa'uld genetic memories, he imagined that Vidrine had been promoted to a four-star general and given the office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of the United States military (4.17 "Absolute Power"). This scenario didn't happen in reality, but Vidrine was indeed promoted to General and then given oversight of the BC-303 Program that produced spaceships like the Prometheus (7.07 "Enemy Mine"). During the conflict with the indigenous Unas of P3X-403 over the mining rights of the naquadah needed to build these spacecraft, Vidrine made it clear that he would rather remove or go to battle with the Unas if Daniel's negotiations failed. In his words, "If negotiations fail, and it comes down to us or them? I choose us. The use of deadly force is authorized." Fortunately, an agreement was reached, and the BC-303 Program was continued in the 304 Program that produced the impressive and powerful Daedalus-class ships.


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