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SG-1 are called upon to assist when a member of an SGC mining team goes missing in mysterious circumstances. Daniel and Teal'c find a familiar bony necklace which they recognize as the kind worn by Chaka. Daniel is convinced that there are Unas on the planet and he determines that the mining team is being warned to stay away.

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On P3X-403, the SG-11 archeological team headed by Colonel Edwards discovers a Naquadah mine that could yield enough of the rare, off-world mineral to build many interstellar battle cruisers and other spacecraft. But when geologist Lt. Ritter disappears after going out to inspect the site, Edwards, whose team is not trained for search and rescue, sends for SG-1 and SG-3.

Teal'c and SG-3 search for Ritter while Daniel Jackson studies relics found by SG-11. Among the artifacts is a large yoke, used to harness a race called the Unas, which was long ago enslaved and abandoned by the Goa'uld. Daniel believes that Unas may still live on this planet, and that they saw Ritter as an intruder in their territory and attacked him.

Daniel's suspicions are confirmed when Teal'c and SG-3 find another entrance to the mine, near which Ritter's body is hung up like a scarecrow among some Jaffa warriors' skeletons that are similarly displayed.

When Edwards hears the news, he becomes incensed. Against Daniel's advice, he and SG forces enter the dense forest where Ritter disappeared—and are attacked by a horde of Unas. During the skirmish, Colonel Jack O'Neill is wounded in the arm and is about to return fire, when Daniel cries out in the Unas' primitive language. The aliens retreat, and after an angry discourse with Edwards—who does not care for civilian Daniel's involvement—O'Neill takes the matter to Stargate Command.

There, to Edwards' consternation, General Vidrine from the Pentagon authorizes Daniel's plan to negotiate with the Unas with the help of Chaka, an Unas who SG-1 encountered on another planet (in "The First Ones") and with whom Daniel has kept in contact. If negotiations are resolved within the time allotted to determine the viability of the mine, fine. If not, Vidrine authorizes the use of deadly force.

With O'Neill laid up in the infirmary and Major Samantha Carter performing a complete overhaul of the Stargate's diagnostic system, Daniel, accompanied by Teal'c, must handle the uncooperative Edwards and the Unas situation on his own.

Back on P3X-403, Daniel and Chaka find a clan of Unas and its leader, Iron Shirt. Back at the camp, Daniel tells Edwards that the Unas consider the mine a sacred place and it should be protected from industrial development. But the Naquadah mine has proved viable, with a potential yield of 53,000 metric tons. Back at SGC, Vidrine and SGC commander General Hammond give Daniel and Chaka 24 hours to negotiate a peaceful solution. Otherwise, the Unas will be forcibly relocated to another planet.

Iron Shirt is not happy with the news and informs Daniel and Chaka that his people will defend the sacred ground and that there are more Unas here than meets the eye.

When an Unas returning to the battle site to retrieve his sacred necklace is shot by mistake, more than a thousand Unas converge, ready to attack. The humans are totally outnumbered. Daniel explains to Edwards that since the humans brought death to the Unas, only a display of submissiveness will be accepted. They must kneel. Edwards swallows his pride and orders the troops to kneel. And Daniel and Iron Shirt negotiate.

A compromise is reached: The Unas will honor their dead by helping to defeat their ancestors' killers, the Goa'uld. And so that their sacred ground will not be desecrated, they will work the mine themselves and give the Naquadah to SGC. Edwards is amazed and admits that O'Neill was right about Daniel—he's a pain in the ass, but worth it.


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