Shanks approached to star in 3rd Stargate series!


Popular fan site GateWorld reports today that a third Stargate spinoff series is in development at Bridge Studios, Vancouver.

From GateWorld:

“A production source informs GateWorld that the new series is in the concept phase, and is being actively worked on by the Vancouver creatives behind Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. No concept for the show has yet been revealed.

The third TV series is also not likely to be rushed into production for a 2007 premiere in order to replace SG-1, which takes its final bow with 10 new episodes this spring. Instead, a premiere in 2008 or later is more likely at this point.”

The Save Stargate SG1 campaign site previously reported that Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, showrunners for Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, had withdrawn from those productions to concentrate on the two SG1 TV/DVD movies, contending that the Stargate ‘big guns’ could be involved in no less than the development of the long-rumoured third spinoff series.

In that report, the Save SG1 campaign site argued:

“They could afford to move over a cast member, a beloved character, or even two, but they need new blood – cheaper talent. That’s reality.”

Now Stargate SG1 Solutions can exclusively reveal that SG1’s Michael Shanks, who plays Dr. Daniel Jackson on the show, has already been approached to star in the third Stargate series! We were informed by a source close to the production that Shanks would be lead actor and Daniel Jackson the main character in the spinoff.

Fans of the actor and the character will be thrilled to note that Shanks was approached to star in the spinoff before the concept has even been firmed up!

There’s no word yet on whether Shanks will be accepting the role. The actor has proven savvy in the past, wanting to commit only to projects that have ‘legs’ and will be more than a one-season wonder, and is also protective of the character he portrays, having left the production for its 6th season when he felt Daniel was being under-utilised. He would be wise, however, to consider the cachet being a series lead would add to his resume for future projects. In the entertainment industry, lead naturally carries greater weight and status than second lead.

The many fans of the sizzling chemistry between Daniel Jackson and the roguish Vala Mal Doran, played by Claudia Black, will no doubt be gearing up to lobby The Powers That Be at Bridge Studios in Vancouver urging Wright and Cooper to secure Shanks and Black as their male and female leads.

SG1 leading lady Amanda Tapping will be moving across to sister production Atlantis as Samantha Carter for a yet to be confirmed number of episodes of its fourth season while actor and writer Christopher Judge is working on a pilot script.

17 thoughts on “Shanks approached to star in 3rd Stargate series!”

  1. This is fantastic news! I’m sure that if this spinoff turns out to be something Michael wants to do, then it will be something that I want to see.

  2. Whoo-hoo!!!! I hope this works out for him! I’d love to see a Daniel-centric show! Losing my weekly dose of Daniel is one of the main reasons I hate to see SG1 go.

  3. This is very exciting news! I was blown away with Michael Shanks and Claudia Black’s performance at the begining of season 9 and ever since then I believed that the two of them deserved their own spin off show. As much as I love Stargate SG1, I really think that Daniel and Vala together as the leads of a new Stargate spin off is the way to go.

  4. Much as I like Claudia Black, I much prefer they go back to the original concept of a ‘buddy show’…. never liked the ‘Moonlighting’ concept much. One of the things that drew me so much to SciFi shows, cop shows, and westerns were two male leads bantering with each other in a way that isn’t the same when it’s male and female. And I truly do not want to see the Daniel Vala show… I loved it in the beginning but got truly tired of it by episode 6 and have not liked that they have attached Daniel to her like a straight man sidekick. If that’s what they have in mind for Stargate 3, then my vote is for Michael to do something non-Stargate related for me to watch.

  5. To quote someone from GateWorld:

    “He’s a gun-wielding archeaologist! She’s a hot alien thief! THEY FIGHT CRIME!!!”

  6. yay!! rumored continuance of the legacy that is Daniel Jackson!! this day just keeps on getting better and better ^-^ though i’m not really sure about Vala… luv the character, hate the UST… the only good UST is one that’s extremely subtle, unless you’re looking for it, and filled with humour and snark no matter the situation [( aka, Jack/Daniel bickering… always great :p )]


  7. “He’s a gun-wielding archeaologist! She’s a hot alien thief! THEY FIGHT CRIME!!!”

    Talk about a mundane, cliche-ridden format… I’m sure that will be just how it’s written as well.

  8. The article said: “The actor has proven savvy in the past, wanting to commit only to projects that have ‘legs’ and will be more than a one-season wonder.”

    Were there other projects Michael turned down because he felt they wouldn’t be more than a one-season wonder? What have I missed?

    In the first part of the article it says MS has already been approached. Then in the last part, it says fans will or should be gearing up to let BW and RC know they should secure MS and CB for the leads. If MS has been asked already, why would fans need to let PTB know they should secure him for the lead?

    Sorry…English isn’t my native language and I’m a bit confused. Is anyone else? Probably not, just me.

  9. Wow, that sounds fantastic, but I have to admit that if Vala is there, I’m definitely not going to be watching. I don’t even plan to watch the rest of season 10 of SG-1 because I’m too disgusted with the first half–mainly because I can’t stand how Daniel was changed to accommodate Vala. I also don’t like how Vala was changed either. I loved season 9 almost as much as I loved seasons 1 & 2, but I wish season 10 had never been made.

    I think I’d be willing to forget pretty much anything and everything to see MS as Daniel in a series of his own, but not if Vala is there. Just…no.

    (I do adore Claudia Black, though. I’d watch her in something else–anything else. Just not Stargate. *g*)

  10. Despite loving what Claudia Black did with Vala I wouldn’t want to see a new series begin with a built in love interest. If by some wonderful alignment in the universe Michael Shanks really is being asked to be the lead and Daniel Jackson is at the rightful center of a Stargate series, I see no reason why the character wouldn’t need some military back-up in the person of Cameron Mitchell as long as the focus remains on archaeological, anthropological and historical discoveries and doesn’t turn into just another military show.

  11. It’s a great step forward in Shanks’ career for his name to be bantered about as a possible lead by the folks in production. He’s done a superb job of demonstrating his range as an actor over the past decade of Stargate. Coming to the role relatively early in his acting career, it seems he was presented with great opportunities to show his versatility and in this viewer’s opinion, he always succeeded. It is amazing to see the development of his character, to watch the early season episodes and then compare them to the most recent shows.

    I hope the talks move forward, that the studio does realize what a great draw he is for their ratings. They’ve had enough proof of that fact in the flagging sales of season six dvds, (the Shanksless season) as well as the resurgence in Stargate viewers and ratings when Shanks returned for season seven of the show. He’d be a great draw for a new series.

    The character of Daniel has much left to do. His story can arc on for a very long time. A show based around him would have “legs” if the right writers were involved, if the creative direction of the show was consistent. We Stargate fans saw it falter a few times in the past, and take some sharp turns but the show has held a more steady course than most shows in long production.

    To sum up my hopes that come from this great news, though I’d love to see Daniel continue to be played, I’d like to see Shanks choose whatever suits his career best, whatever keeps him on screen more often. As a fan of Daniel, I feel very grateful to Shanks for his integrity and hard work in making this character who he is.

  12. Quarkstrange, it’s something MS has said here and there in interviews in the past in relation to SG1. He thought initially that SG1 wouldn’t last, wouldn’t be more than a one-season wonder, but then it proved to have legs and he pretty much grew up on the show, went from his twenties to his thirties on it. So that was just a little shorthand on our part, referencing those comments here and there over the past decade of interviews.

    The reference to securing the leads wasn’t about MS per se. It gave the example of fans of Daniel and Vala’s relationship who might want to see BOTH MS and CB signed, not MS without CB.

  13. I think that only Ben Browder has the talent as an actor and a script writer to star in another Stargate!
    I know I will be slammed for this view, but Mr. Browder has the talent to star in the series if it distances itself from all the original characters.

  14. Sorry, but your exclusive is WRONG… from Michael Shanks Online TODAY:

    >>18 December 2006

    Spin-off rumors put to rest
    Over the last few days there has been some speculation regarding a 3rd series in the Stargate franchise, and the reported news that Michael Shanks has been approached to star in the series.

    We have just received confirmation from Michael via his publicist that the information regarding his reported involvement in the series is “completely unfounded and unsubstantiated. No one has contacted Michael with any such news/offerings/ideas, etc.”

    As far as Michael is concerned, this is “just an unfounded rumor.”

  15. Am I the only one who’s going to miss Teal’c?

    ^_^ Michael Shanks is awesome. I remember watching the Stargate movie and hearing that a series was coming out to follow the movie. I moaned and wailed and complained that no one was going to portray Daniel’s character the way it had been and that they’d find someway to screw the concept up. When I watched the first season I was nearly in tears (haha, okay, I’m being melodramatic) with shock, that they hadn’t screwed up the story and that it was actually drew me in better than the original movie had. Daniel Jackson had been a favorite character of mine in the movie, but was THE favorite character for me in the series….

    I await with bated breath the news regarding him either accepting or declining the Stargate Universe prospect. (and maybe Teal’c too?? 😛 )

  16. Actually, way back when we printed this story, Michael Shanks responded via his publicist that it wasn’t true, that he wasn’t approached. And since then there’s been no mention of any of the existing Stargate characters moving to the new show, so this story turned out to be mistaken on our part. So, please don’t expect to see Daniel in the new series!

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