SGA S5 Spoilers: "Search and Rescue"

5.01 “Search and Rescue”

Carter launches a rescue operation for several victims of an off-world massive explosion and must combat Michael and his army who also wish to recover the survivors.


Sheppard has returned from the future and things are kind of hectic in the city of Atlantis. To make matters worse, Lt. Edison returns to the base without the rest of his team. They were trapped when the compound they were in off-world exploded. Edison is not certain of how many, if any, survivors there are because he lost radio contact with them. Carter gathers several teams for a Search and Rescue operation because the Daedalus is two hours away. The S&R team consists of new military member Capt. Alison Porter, combat engineers, and Dr. Jennifer Keller’s medical away team.

Trapped in the debris are Maj. Evan Lorne and Dr. Rodney McKay. The S&R teams have used three Puddle Jumpers in their operation, and once rescued, McKay pilots one with Carter as co-pilot, Keller and Porter riding behind them, and Lorne and some Marines occupying the seats in the back compartment. While they head for their Jumper, they are attacked by several Wraith darts that are under the command of Michael in his cruiser. The Wraith activate the Stargate, preventing the teams’ escape. The teams realize that the Wraith are also after the survivors who are still trapped on the planet and must be dug out (McKay said that two people remain trapped). Fortunately, the Jumpers are cloaked, but cannot engage twenty darts without great risk, so they decide to hide in orbit and await the arrival of the Daedalus.

Michael has as part of his cruiser crew Kanaan, the Athosian father of Teyla’s son.

Guest Characters

  • Captain Alison Porter (about 28 years old)
  • Lt. Edison
  • Maj. Evan Lorne (Kavan Smith)
  • Dr. Jennifer Keller (Jewel Staite)
  • Michael (Connor Trinneer)
  • Amelia Banks (Technician, played by Sharon Taylor)


  • Written by Martin Gero
  • Directed by Andy Mikita

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