Christopher Judge Joins "Paradox" Cast

Christopher Judge at Comic Con 2008

Stargate star Christopher Judge is among other sci-fi stars—many with Stargate connections—involved in Paradox, the first of five Arcana Studios projects based off of Arcana Comic Book titles, according to the Comic Book Resources (CBR) website:

Paradox, which was written by Christos Gage and Ruth Fletcher Gage, based on the comic series by Christos Gage, is being directed by Brenton Spencer (a top sci-fi film and TV director, perhaps best known for his work on Stargate: Atlantis and Earth: Final Conflict). The incredible ensemble cast features a host of sci-fi stars, lead by Kevin Sorbo (Andromeda, Hercules); Steph Song (jPod, and co-star with Val Kilmer in the upcoming The Thaw); Christopher Judge (Stargate); Alan C. Peterson (Shooter, Narc, Beautiful Joe); Alisen Down (Battlestar Galactica); and Emilie Ullerup (Sanctuary).

Paradox introduces homicide detective Sean Nault, a cop on a parallel Earth who is investigating a baffling series of murders committed by a means his Earth has never seen before: the power of science. Sean uncovers an apocalyptic plot that will lead him to another dimension and the realization that, unless he prevents it, both earths could well be destroyed.

Production is currently ongoing in British Columbia. The CBR article states, “Other comic-to-film slate projects include; Chopper, a horror/thriller based on a Martin Shapiro comic going to camera end of January 2009; and Sundown, a western/vampire thriller based on the comic by Jay Busbee, scheduling for April/May 2009. Future slate projects will be announced in the coming months.”

Paradox and the other titles “are being sold internationally by Myriad Pictures who will be working alongside Arcana [Studios], Legacy [Filmworks], and Bron [Management] to brand these comic-to-film ‘genre’ films.” To read more about the project, visit Comic Book Resources: Arcana Studios announces film deal for “Paradox”.

Judge reportedly started work on the project after his appearance at the Lightspeed Charity Event held December 6 and 7 in California. As far as other upcoming projects are concerned, Michael Shanks, who also appeared at the Charity Event, stated that Judge’s movie script Rage of Angels, in which both men will star, will be shot in the summer as a backdoor pilot.

[Image by Michelle in Solutions Gallery.]