Andy Mikita Slated to Direct Stargate Atlantis Movie

Andy Mikita (Mallozzi)

Long-time Stargate director Andy Mikita has been slated to direct the first Stargate Atlantis movie, according to executive producer and writer Joseph Mallozzi in his weblog.

Mallozzi and production and writing partner Paul Mullie are writing the script for the first movie that is to pick up where the series finale “Enemy at the Gate” leaves off. Currently, the script is in the outline stage, with both writers making notes on each other’s work. The story includes a “mess” that the Expedition will have to get out of. Mallozzi promised, “Lots of fun cameos and a major contribution from one recurring player in particular that is certain to have at least one fandom faction in a frenzy. Still in the process of working out that momentous shift in the status quo that will impact the lives of our characters.”

Mikita had done a guest spot on Mallozzi’s weblog back in September in which he stated, “It would be very presumptuous of me to assume anything at this point, but I am hoping to direct the SGA movie and episodes of Universe. Hopefully it’ll work out.” It looks like Mikita’s got his wish and will not only be directing the Atlantis movie, but is also slated to work with Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright in Stargate Universe. As a matter of fact, Mallozzi said that Mikita was with Cooper in New Mexico looking for a shooting location to depict an alien world. It is quite possible that Mikita will be directing the series premiere “Air”.

The date for principal photography to begin for the Atlantis movie has not yet been announced, but Mallozzi has indicated that it will be this summer. A summer shooting schedule might indicate that they will be filming the movie when Universe is taking their mid-season filming hiatus. If this is true, both projects could possibly share crews. Mallozzi has also said that the third SG-1 movie, written by Brad Wright and Carl Binder, will be filming at about the same time as SGA’s.

As far as making the contracts with the actors, that phase of the production has not yet happened as no deals have been made to-date. Mallozzi, however, reassured his weblog readers that the actors will “eventually be approached.” All of the principal cast are expected to be in the movie, and there is the possibility that Michael Shanks, Christopher Judge, and Amanda Tapping will be making appearances. Christopher Heyerdahl as Todd the Wraith is also expected. And Mallozzi even put out this little tidbit: “Barring a surprising change of heart on Jason’s part, Ronon will be sporting a new do in the movie.”

The movie doesn’t have a name just yet, but had been called “Project Twilight” for a while when the story was being discussed by the executive producers. The Sci Fi Channel has tentatively scheduled its premiere to follow the first ten episodes of Stargate Universe, which is making its premiere in July 2009.

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[Image by Joseph Mallozzi; used with our thanks.]