Sci Fi Wire: Brian J. Smith Video Interview

Stargate Universe star Brian J. Smith sat down for a brief video interview with the folks at Syfy. He talks about his reactions to reading the scripts and how he anxiously awaited the resolution of the mid-season cliffhanger in which Dr. Nicholas Rush (Robert Carlyle) was stranded on a planet—just like we’re doing now awaiting the show’s April return.

As far as the season finale is concerned in its cliffhanger, well, he got upset about that one, and teases us that we’ll see why he describes something that happens in it as “cruel” and “wrong” when we see the episode.

The video is embedded below. Sorry, it’s only available right now from Syfy, so it has an advertisement to start and most likely cannot be viewed outside the United States:

Season One of Stargate Universe returns to Syfy on Friday, April 2, at 9 PM ET/PT. Other dates and times for the international community are also included at the show’s main page in our Stargate Wiki.

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