Jewel Staite Begins Blogging at Blastr

Jewel StaiteBlastr is the new name for Sci Fi Wire, and not only have they changed their name, but they’ve also changed their focus and tone. As part of their new direction, they’ve invited Stargate star Jewel Staite to be a guest blogger. She’s kicked off the occasion by answering ten questions directed to her from fans who have enjoyed her work in both Firefly and Stargate Atlantis.

In Jewel Staite talks about Firefly fights, her dream role and more, Staite greets her readers, “Hello and welcome to my very first blog for Blastr! I’m absolutely thrilled to be blogging on this site, and even more thrilled that my ramblings will not have to be reduced to 140 characters or less!” Her Twitter account did come in handy in defining her new method of keeping in touch with her fans, though, as she picked questions from among over 53,000 admiring “tweeps” to construct her first Blastr entry.

With the news that Staite’s SGA co-stars David Hewlett and Robert Picardo will be making appearances in SGU’s season two episode “Seizure” (which won’t be aired until 2011), Staite was asked if she’d be making an appearance on the show too. Her reply indicates that she’s open to the possibility—under certain conditions that alluded to her first SGA role as the Wraith Ellia: “That’s a great question. Did you hear that one, Syfy? Thoughts? I still have the same phone number, in case you were wondering how to reach me! Unless you want me in prosthetics, in which case, I’m super slammed. With, like, this blog. And stuff.”

Staite’s busy “stuff” includes her next personal appearance, which currently is set to be at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, from September 3 to 6. In the meantime, make sure to visit Blastr for her guest blog entries that are sure to be full of all kinds of “juicy” details!