Stargate Universe "Cloverdale" Ratings

The numbers for Stargate Universe episode “Cloverdale” have been added to our summary table below.

Season Two Viewer and Ratings Summary

Episode Rating/Share Viewers in Millions
HH 18-49 Live+Same Day Live+7 Days
Intervention 0.8/1 0.5/1 1.175 Note 1
Aftermath 0.7/1 0.5/1 1.070
Awakening 0.8/1 0.5/1 1.222
Pathogen 0.7/1 0.4/1 0.974
Cloverdale 0.7/1 0.4/1 1.012 <<<< NEW DATA

Source for New Data: User MediaSavant at Gateworld forum, as our usual source has not yet posted ratings. Updated with data from TV By The Numbers.


  1. “Just got the live+7 numbers for Intervention, the season 2 premiere. Wow. We jumped 78% from the live number, about 40% from the liv+SD. That’s a lot of eyeballs. Of course that isn’t even counting those who are viewing the show through alternate platforms (ie. netflix, iTunes, and other download options).” — Joseph Mallozzi, October 19, 2010.

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