Stargate Planner: Week of November 1-7

You might be interested in these news tidbits and announcements that have been noted on this editor’s calendar and notebook for this week. If you’ve got more to add, please don’t hesitate to announce them in the comment section below. We’ll update this article if something comes to our attention during the week.


Monday,   November 1
Tuesday,   November 2

Syfy: SGU 2.05 “Trial and Error” at 9 PM ET, with a repeat at 11 PM.

Sky1/UK: SGU 2.05 “Cloverdale” at 9 PM.

We’re in the process of trying to verify with MSOL whether or not tonight’s episode of the Cartoon Network’s Tower Prep is the one in which Michael Shanks has the role as Professor Literature. We were under the impression that the episode he appeared in was directed by Stargate alum Peter DeLuise, but the information in the IMDb record for tonight’s episode says differently. If you miss watching at 8 PM ET/PT, the show’s official website posts the episodes for later viewing online. [NOTE: MSOL has since confirmed that Michael’s episode is going to air on November 16.]

Wednesday, November 3 Gemini Awards 25Tonight is the Industry Gala for the 25th Annual Gemini Awards, and we’ll learn if our SGU nominees will be taking home their trophies:

  1. Best Photography in a Dramatic Program or Series – Jim Menard, “Light”
  2. Best Picture Editing in a Dramatic Program or Series – Rick Martin, “Human”
  3. Best Sound in a Dramatic Series – Kelly Cole, Jay Cheetham, Kirby Jinnah, Bill Mellow, Patrick Ramsay, Steve Smith, Joe Watts, Matt Wilson; “Air Part 1”
  4. Best Visual Effects – Mark Savela, Brenda Campbell, Shannon Gurney, Vivian Jim, Andrew Karr, Michael Lowes, Kodie MacKenzie, Krista McLean, Alec MClymont, Craig Vandenbiggelaar; “Air Part 1”
  5. Best Original Music Score for a Program or Series – Joel Goldsmith, “Light”
Thursday,   November 4 SGU S1.5 returns to New Zealand on Prime TV at 8:30 PM with “Space”. [Thanks to ForestMaid for the tip!]
Friday,   November 5 Creation Con 2010 - Los Angeles

Sci Fi/Australia: SGU 2.06 “Trial and Error” at 8:30 PM.

Space/Canada: SGU 2.06 “Trial and Error” at 10 PM ET.

Today is Corin Nemec‘s birthday!

The Official Stargate Convention will be in Los Angeles, California, this weekend starting today. Guests include Michael Shanks, Joe Flanigan, Brian J. Smith, Elyse Levesque, Dan Shea, Christopher Heyerdahl, Steve Bacic, and Andee Frizzell. Ben Browder is scheduled to appear nearby for the Official Farscape Convention.

Saturday, November 6 Robert Picardo will be in “The ‘Doctor’ Is In…An Evening With Robert Picardo” for two sessions today only: 2 PM CT and 8 PM CT at the Oklahoma City Repertory Theatre (CityRep). There will be a Q&A, an auction, and a raffle for brunch with the star with proceeds to benefit CityRep.

If you missed Paul McGillion in the Lifetime movie Confined, it will be repeated tonight at 8 PM ET and again at midnight. [NOTE: If you have a screencap of McGillion in this movie, we’d love to post it in his gallery for Beyond the Event Horizon (it needs to be 260×146).]

Sunday, November 7

News Notes

News Flashes and Brief Follow-Ups

  • SG-1 and SGA Portals – Each Friday, a new feature is posted to the Portal pages. This past Friday, we worked from the keyword prompt “prophets”. Who comes to mind when you hear that word? Visit the SG-1 Portal to discuss “Merlin: Secret Prophet” and the SGA Portal to discuss “Davos: He Was Never Wrong”. This Friday, the key word is “mutations”, so check back to find out what that means for our shows.

Stargate Universe Press

It should be noted that whenever spoilers come out for SGU, they are placed in the episode guides in the Stargate Wiki without much fanfare here in the News Blog. However, we should note that the episode guides for “The Greater Good” and “Malice” were updated with spoiler summaries recently. To keep on top of such updates, visit the main page of the Stargate Wiki to see the “Recent Updates” list of links.

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    Thur 8.30 on Prime; S1 pt2

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