Stargate Universe: 2.07 "The Greater Good"

Young and Rush board derelict spaceship in THE GREATER GOOD (MGM)
Rush gets sidetracked when he and Young board a derelict spaceship in THE GREATER GOOD (MGM)
Tonight (November 9) on Syfy at 9 PM ET: Stargate Universe episode 2.07 “The Greater Good”, written by Carl Binder and directed by William Waring.

“Always consider the greater good. That’s it,” Dr. Nicholas Rush advised Lt. Tamara Johansen when she was given command of Destiny for the first time.

These may sound like wise words, but considering the source, one does have to question his sincerity considering that he’s hiding the discovery of the ship’s master code, its bridge, and how to control when the Destiny enters and exits FTL. There are still several systems to discover and gain control of, evident by the number of empty seats on the bridge, but Rush is of the mind-set that “Ultimately, I control this ship.” He wants to continue to sit on the bridge alone and in command. But Destiny itself has shown that it has its own agenda. After the revelation that the ship can play the “what if” game within Young’s mind to test his command capability, what’s to say that the ship isn’t manipulating Rush similarly?

Actor Robert Carlyle loves talking about this episode and the one that follows, especially since they delve into where Rush stands in Season Two. He’s on the verge of discovering Destiny‘s mission, and he’s made this discovery his and Chloe’s highest priority.

“I can’t tell you what the mission is,” Carlyle teased in an interview with The Flick Cast, “but I can tell you there is a mission and it’s massive. The clue is in the title of the ship: Destiny. The ship is named that for a reason and perhaps all of these people are there for a reason. It starts to really become an adventure.”

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SYFY: Dr. Rush and Col. Young are stranded aboard an alien ship.

Destiny comes upon a heavily damaged ship floating in space. Dr. Rush suggests that the alien vessel be explored in the hopes of salvaging any worthwhile data or technology. Without a shuttle, Rush and Col. Young must make a dangerous space-suited expedition to the derelict ship. Once safely aboard, they discover that the ship contains empty pods similar to those they encountered on the seed ship. As Dr. Rush gets the life support and power running, the ship’s engines suddenly engage, propelling it away from Destiny. With the power now depleted the ships drift helplessly apart.

Unwilling to tell everyone that he has partial control of the Destiny, Rush claims he has been working on a program to manually fire Destiny‘s thrusters. Because of the complexity of the program he suggests Dr. Amanda Perry be brought on board via the communication stones to help. Once aboard, Rush covertly informs her of his success with Destiny‘s master code and directs her to the bridge. With Rush’s help, Perry is able to steer Destiny back to the damaged ship. But when Eli unearths their plan, the big secret is revealed much to Rush’s chagrin—especially when Young finds out.

SKY: The Destiny is left stranded in space after an encounter with a damaged ship. While Young goes into panic mode, Rush refuses to divulge a valuable secret.

When the Destiny encounters a damaged ship, Rush and Col Young climb onboard to see if any worthwhile technology can be salvaged. But as the Doc gets the power up and running, the ship’s engines suddenly engage, propelling it away from the Destiny and leaving it stranded in space. While Young goes into panic mode, a cagey Rush refuses to divulge a valuable secret.[/spoiler]

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