Brad Wright: Stargate Movies Won’t Happen

Reports are coming out of the Creation Stargate Convention happening this weekend in Vancouver. The major news, just an hour old, is that Brad Wright said there will be no movies for any of the three Stargate series. Fan and con attendee @TimZen tweeted this news as Brad Wright was speaking to the fans this morning. Besides saying there won’t be any movies, Wright announced he will be moving on from Stargate regardless of what MGM decides to do with the franchise in the future. From @TimZen’s tweets:

  • #SGU movie is a no go #BradWright #Stargate
  • Confident franchise will continue in the future #BradWright #Stargate
  • Took too long to pull $$ together #SGU #BradWright #Stargate
  • “i did not cancel Atlantis” #BradWright #Stargate
  • For now the franchise is in MGMs hands #BradWright #Stargate
  • The other movies (as written now) aren’t gonna happen #BradWright #Stargate
  • “i appreciate the ‘we want you’… I’m gonna try something new for now” #BradWright #Stargate
  • SyFy did not approach us and as us to make it like #BSG #BradWright #Stargate
  • Finale of #SGU should leave us happy like “Unending” #BradWright #Stargate
  • “i am more proud of atlantis than you could ever know” #BradWright #Stargate
  • Thinks netflix and itunes kind of stuff is the future of TV #BradWright #Stargate
  • “thanks for supporting our show” #BradWright #Stargate
  • One more thing, Brad was very optimistic about Stargate going forward with MGM. Guy from GM likened it to their troubles; they reajusted..
  • … And now Chevy is selling again, Stargate is a tried and true franchise and MGM is sure to notice and leverage that. #Stargate

Brian J. Smith has just confirmed the news with tweets of his own:

  • Well now that the cat is out of the bag, it pains me to tell you guys that unfortunately we will not be shooting an #SGU movie.
  • Brad Wright fought long and hard, but financing has fallen through and we’ve hit a dead end. Looks like the end of the road for stargate.
  • Very saddened by the news, but we’re insanely proud of our show and grateful for the fans who have been so kind to us. What a ride!
  • That’s not to say that stargate could reemerge later on down the road in some form, but for the foreseeable future this is it. Pretty crazy.
  • @__SubZero__ gotta say, MGM was fighting for the movie too, but it just didn’t work out. Please don’t blame them.

We’re sorry to hear that for now, the franchise is over. Given the depth and breadth of fan support and interest, we hope MGM will resurrect it before too much time has passed.

In other news, apparently Chris Judge is not appearing today as planned. There is no word yet as to why.

Thanks very much to @TimZen for the very timely tweets and news.