Select Your Top Stargate Icons

SFX Magazine did a survey to find out who their readers’ sci-fi favorites were, and the results show that many of their readers are Stargate fans!

SFX Magazine’s Top 100 Sci-Fi Icons: Stargate Icons

99. Nicholas Rush

Nicholas Rush in MALICEA recent addition to the Stargate saga, Dr. Nicholas Rush, portrayed by Scotsman Robert Carlyle, is the type of character that you don’t know whether to love or to hate. Always thinking ahead several moves—he is a chess player, after all—Rush saw the discovery of Destiny as one of the most significant events in human history—and he had a major part in that discovery. His goals were often out of sync with the rest of the Icarus Project’s personnel, but he was depended upon to get them through the tough spots, and he often did.

95. Jack O’Neill

Jack O'Neill in ONE FALSE STEPHe was the first to walk through the Stargate in the movie and has been with us ever since to watch our backs! A Sci-Fi Icon list would not be complete without him. We got to love him as Colonel Jack O’Neill, leader of the flagship team SG-1, and now he’s all grown up to become Lt. General Jack O’Neill, commander of Homeworld Security. As the only military man who could say he’s been there and done it all, Jack has always been there for his people. Portrayed by TV legend Richard Dean Anderson, we cannot imagine anyone else filling Jack’s boots!

63. Daniel Jackson

Daniel Jackson in THE PEGASUS PROJECTIt’s only appropriate that the man who opened the Stargate and made regular travel through it possible should be the top representative of Stargate in the poll. Dr. Daniel Jackson might have been a “dweeb,” but he certainly knew his stuff and learned how to adapt quickly to his changing role as the expert on human cultures that had been transplanted across the galaxy by the Goa’uld. And after the defeat of the System Lords, Jackson continued to show how closely linked he was to the Stargate by becoming the foremost expert on the Ancients, the builders of the Stargates, Destiny, and Atlantis. Ever resourceful and quick-thinking, Daniel’s ability to solve riddles and puzzles, as well as negotiate treaties, made him Stargate Command’s most respected civilian employee the military had ever had and his actor Michael Shanks one of the Internet’s most closely followed television actors.

Our Own Stargate Icon Poll

Admittedly, we don’t have the same readership as SFX, but we thought that it might be fun to choose our own Icons, limited to our main Stargate characters. We can have another poll for Top Villain, Top Secondary, etc., later—just let us know—but right now we’re concentrating on the main cast of characters. Choose your Top 5 here:

The Rest of SFX’s Poll

You can see the rest of the 100 Sci-Fi Icons as declared by SFX readers by visiting SoEntertain.Me: Science Fiction News: SFX Names Top 100 Sci-Fi Icons, wherein you’ll see that Ben Browder’s John Crichton made 49th. Thanks to our LJ subscriber ivanov_vladimir for the heads-up and link.

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  1. Not a bad showing for Stargate. Interesting that it’s a fan poll and ended up including characters like Aragorn and Harry Potter. A pretty liberal definition of Sci Fi. But I had to choose Daniel, Jack, Teal’c, Rodney, and Sheppard. 🙂

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