More Actor Updates!

Thanks to @Campylobacter for a few reminders, plus some others things we missed, here are a few more Stargate actor updates!

Richard Dean Anderson is reprising his role as MacGyver in a set of three webisodes to promote the Citan van built by the iconic Mercedes Benz. Early photos and a trailer are available at the official website. RDA is on twitter: @andersonrdean

Claudia Black will guest star in an upcoming two-part episode of Syfy’s series Haven. A few hints about her role are here at Zap2it.

Ben Browder is guest-starring in the next episode of Dr. Who, airing this weekend in the US (BBC America), UK (BBC), and Canada. Ben gave an interview about his experiences to SFX here. Details about the episode (a Western!) and a trailer are here at TV Guide. Check your local listings!

J.R. Bourne (Martouf on SG-1) has won a recurring role on the US ABC hit drama, Revenge. From this article, “Bourne will play Kenny, a wealthy man with “rough edges” who works to conceal his true nature.” J.R. is also a regular in Teen Wolf, which airs on MTV in the US.

And of course, in case anyone didn’t know, Robert Carlyle continues his lead role in the US ABC series Once Upon A Time. Season 2 premieres September 30 in the US. Robert is on twitter as well: @robertcarlyle_

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One thought on “More Actor Updates!”

  1. How come no one mentioned the fact that Paul McGillion guest-starred (and died again!) in the October 5th episode of ‘Fringe’? And he tweeted he’s also going to be filming another episode of ‘Once Upon A Time’ although he didn’t say in what capacity. I assume he will be reprising his role as the Knave of Hearts!

    Also Rachel Lutrell had a baby girl, Ridley Asha Bateman, on October 5th exactly two months after Paul and his wife Coutrney welcomed a son, Hugh Terence Philip McGillion, into the world.

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