2.19 "One False Step" Episode Guide

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On a routine reconnaissance mission, the SG-1 team discover a civilization of friendly, innocent aliens, but suddenly the aliens begin to fall ill. A plague, somehow caused by the team, sweeps across the planet and Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson are infected too. Can the team save themselves and an entire civilization?

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During a routine reconnaissance mission, the UAV plane crashes into a cactuslike plant on a planet inhabited by an unusual life form. Sent to recover the plane, the SG-1 team discovers those living on the planet are friendly, gentle, and far simpler than their human counterparts. Shortly after the team's arrival, aliens begin falling ill, and before long, a plague of illness sweeps the race. Capt. Samantha Carter returns to the base with the sickest alien in order to work on a cure. Colonel Jack O'Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson begin acting erratically and complain of headaches, which disappear once they are back at the SGC. As the number of afflicted aliens grows, it appears that the SG-1 team has unwittingly unleashed something that threatens the survival of this entire civilization.


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"John Smith, the executive producer invited me on Stargate to direct One False Step; I had worked before with John on many other shows and Richard Dean Anderson on MacGyver. It was toward the end of the season and I was so attracted to the "concept" of SG1. At the beginning of the next season I was invited back to direct Seth, which did not go so well. There was a misunderstanding with one of the producers and I was not invited back. ... I loved doing One False Step, as the "aliens" had no real language I hired actors experienced in mime to develop their own communication and we improved quite a bit with the actors to see the development of trust and language between the two worlds. Michael Shanks was great with [assessing] the situation and really responsible for making the scene in the shelter come alive. It had great humanity and humour thanks to everyone's willingness to suspend disbelief and work together. I loved the primitive stick drawings he did in the sand. The writers and producers were very collaborative in allowing the actors and myself and the rest of the creative team, wardrobe, makeup, etc., come up with a concept and make it work. The production design team at SG1 was very strong and always surprised one with their invention." — William Corcoran, April 2008.

--Kylie Lee 15:41, 9 Jul 2004 (PDT)